How To Effectively Pin Your Videos On Pinterest

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How To Effectively Pin Your Videos On Pinterest

With videos currently dominating the World Wide Web in every capacity, your business should certainly not miss out on the online marketing potential of pinning your videos on Pinterest. For, this will not only give your videos and your YouTube channel more exposure, but you can also manipulate such video pins to gain more traffic for your website. Here’s how:

1) Get a “Pin It” browser extension to pin YouTube videos

In order to pin YouTube videos, your easiest bet is to download and add a “Pin It” browser button. You can also pin YouTube videos on Pinterest via the “Share” option under the video. But the “Pin It” browser button would be a quicker option. Either way, you can now pin videos from your YouTube channel (as well as other YouTube videos) on Pinterest, and there will be a direct link to your channel and video(s) on these pins that users can visit.

2) Edit your video pins’ website links

Whether you’re pinning your own video from your own YouTube channel or some other video, sometimes you may want the pin to link to your website or related blog post instead of the YouTube video in question. In such cases, simply click on the “Edit” button on your pin and change the YouTube link in the “Website” section to your website or blog post link. This way, both your video and your website gets related traffic from the pin.

3) Upload your other social media videos onto your YouTube channel and then pin them on Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t yet allow you to pin videos from anywhere but YouTube. Hence, the only way to pin your other social media videos is to first download those videos from your social media accounts, and then upload them onto your YouTube channel; from there you can pin them on Pinterest. And again, if you want these videos to link back to your social media accounts, edit the “Website” link section on these pins accordingly. (This is a neat way to attract more followers to your other social media accounts.)

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