How To Create Good Site Structure?

Website Structure

How To Create Good Site Structure?

Good site structure is a smart move that can ease and enhance your SEO strategies. In fact, consider your website structure a long-term investment. If you plan it out at the beginning very carefully, it can save you a lot of re-work and hassle later as well as continue to work to your benefit as your content grows and your website expands.
So, getting right to the point, here are the main tips on how you can create a good site structure for your website:

1) Start Planning the Site Hierarchy at the Very Beginning

The moment you start developing your website – right from the HTML and initial CSS – plan out your site’s hierarchy. Don’t make it too complicated; just keep it simple. You’re getting brownie points here for logical structuring and ease of navigation; not complexity.

2) Your URL Should Follow Your Hierarchy

Your hierarchy isn’t just for show. Use it to guide your entire website structure and organization. And this includes URLs as well. (For instance, the URL will start from the main heading to the selected second-level category or section, and then to the selected sub-category of that second-level category or section, and so on.)

3) Your Navigation Panel Follows Your Hierarchy

The hierarchy you decided at the beginning basically defines everything. So your navigation panel – whether that appears at the side of your website or as header menus – need to follow the same structure as your hierarchy as well. Try to keep it simple and un-crowded. (Which means, if you have many sub-categories, keep them invisible in drop-down boxes until the mouse rolls-over the relevant section on the navigation panel.) Also, don’t go overboard with assigning sections and sub-categories. And if you feel like your structure looks too complicated, re-think your hierarchy’s structure and components.

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