How To Begin Constructing A Persona For Link Building & Social Media?

Social Link Building Persona

How To Begin Constructing A Persona For Link Building & Social Media?

When you’re designing and constructing a persona for your brand, first get the details of that persona right before you launch it. After all, this persona of yours on social media and the like is going to act like your brand’s ambassador, so it also needs to appear as an authority in the content that this persona is going to market online.

So, before you launch into this strategy, here’s what you should first cover in order to construct an effective persona:

1) Create A Unique Identity With A Target Audience

First and foremost, your persona needs a unique identity of its own. And the first thing you need to do is choose what niche of content this persona is going to involve itself in – and then what the major topics of that niche are. For example, if your persona is handling a brand in the fashion industry, you will definitely have to cover topics that are trending with the majority of this niche’s target audience. (E.g., topics on fashion design, new fashion trends, e-fashion, DIY, fashion technology, and the like.) Basically, you have to focus on the topics that will attract the majority share of readers in this niche. And this means that you have to create a voice and style for this persona as well.
Basically, your job will be alike to an image consultant’s.

2) Create A Social Identity For Your Persona Online

Once you’ve assigned your persona its target, get working on the other details that can make it an active member on social media sites – that is, decide and create the persona’s name, job title, area of expertise, profile pictures, and its various social media profile pages.

3) Develop Your Persona To Be An Effective Content Ambassador

After creating your persona, you have to develop their reputation and “real-ness”. And there are many ways you can accomplish that. For one, you can hire, rent, and borrow freelancers’ identities who have a solid reputation in your field. (Or you can hire writers and editors to write the content as well.) For another, you can use the CEO or other high-ranking official (who is part of the brand your persona’s marketing) to act as a foundation for the persona. Or, you can create and develop an entire persona from scratch.

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