How to Automate Link Building?

First off, to clear up any possible misconceptions, by “automate”, we don’t mean some magical tool that will allow you to build links to your site automatically. Instead, we’re talking about methods you can employ that will encourage people to share your content and link to your website without any manual effort towards link building on your part.

Now of course, there’s nothing wrong with manual link building. But after Google’s Penguin algorithm, all the usual methods people used to employ to build links are not that effective anymore. So sure, you can definitely still create links manually. But it will take more effort and time on your part than it would if you automated your link building strategies.

So, here are three ways in which you can automate link building for your website:

1) Create Great Content

Whether text, images, videos, podcasts, or the whoole shebang, users will automatically share content that is interesting and entertaining to them – or if it provides a unique take that grabs their attention. And, if you’re not into generating content like that, focus on making a kick-ass product or service that users find useful or enjoy. That will definitely get them working their share buttons.

2) Focus on One Niche & Become an Expert

If you’re an expert on a subject – no matter how small – people will revisit your website and share your content. However, in order to become an expert, you have to focus on one single area first. After all, no one becomes an expert overnight. Also, niche content attracts very targeted group of users online.

3) Develop & Increase Your “Evergreen Content”

Some topics and content will be relevant no matter how many years pass. (For example, cooking: We will always need to eat. And unless we develop rabbit teeth or more canines, cooking and recipes will consequently be in the picture for a good long time.) And evergreen content is content that will have constant revisits and shares for years to come. So the more such content you have, the more links that will be linked to that content.

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