How Taking Regular Breaks Will Make You A More Efficient Digital Marketer


How Taking Regular Breaks Will Make You A More Efficient Digital Marketer

A number of research studies indicate that you will actually be more productive if you take regular breaks between your various tasks. The intervals of those breaks vary, of course, depending on the study. But they all unanimously agree that it isn’t good for either your productivity or your health to work for hours at a stretch on the computer.

(And, if you’re into digital marketing at any stage, you know that you do sit for hours glued to the screen in order to complete your digital tasks and reach your digital marketing goals.)

So maybe you should take 20 minute breaks every one-and-a-half hours. Or maybe you should take a power once or twice a day. Or maybe you should even take a break every hour that you’re working. Doesn’t matter which break regime you choose. You only have to ensure that it helps you.

But, before we can convince you that regular breaks such as the above will actually be a productive change for you, let us explain how regular breaks practically help you out:

1) It will help you avoid burnout.
Burnout has become a massive epidemic among working professionals in the last couple of years. And digital marketers aren’t immune to this in the least. (Burnout is mental exhaustion, and it can take an individual, years to recover from it if it is pushed to far.) Regular breaks will help you here: It will distract you and help you relax, thus helping you avoid mental fatigue, and also make you more alert when you get back to work.

2) It will help you keep track of time.
It can be really easy to lose track of time on the Internet, and especially on social media. However, if you’re in the habit of taking regular breaks, you’ll be more likely to notice the time you’re spending online.

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