Guidelines For Creating Video Ads To Nurture Leads

Video Advertising

Guidelines For Creating Video Ads To Nurture Leads

Video ads engage users like no other medium does. Plus, it also manages to pack and convey a lot more information in a much quicker way to the audience. Hence, it’s not a stretch to say that using video ads to nurture leads for your business would be incredibly rewarding and good for conversions.

On that note, here are the things you most need to know about creating video ads to nurture leads for your business:

(1)You’ll need to make a minimum of two or three video ads to create a video lead nurture campaign. Whether you use two or three videos depends on the nature of your brand: If your brand and message is complex and the ad has quite a bit of information, then it’s advisable that you use three ads. If it’s simple and your point is much more effectively made with two ads, then limit it to two videos.

(2)The first video should be an introduction to your brand first and foremost. And you should develop the video based on what will appeal to and what is important to your chosen demographic and psychographic audience pool. This video ad should connect with your audience at a personal level and generate interest within them regarding your brand. Keep the video short as well in order to keep your audience’s interest till the end of it.

(3)The second video will be targeted at the same custom audience who watched your first video, so these will all be users who are now aware of your brand and interested in your business, products, and services. So in this video, you need to prove why customers should choose you to solve their needs. Hence, demos, testimonials, interviews, webinars, etc., can be part of this video. (It can also be longer than the first video.)

(4)The final video should have your call to action or “hook”. This is the video that reels in the customers completely and converts your potential leads into actual customers. (Again, if the ad concept and your brand’s solutions are pretty simple and direct, the second and third video’s objectives can be grouped into one final video as well.)

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