Fresh Updates From Social Media Platforms In 2017

social media platforms 2017

Fresh Updates From Social Media Platforms In 2017

2017 is here. More than a fortnight has passed and if one looks at the social media scenario, one would find that there is much to feel happy about. The various social media channels have rolled out new updates and these include features and facilities that are sure to bring a smile on the face of businesses. So, here is taking a look at the various goodies.

1. Instagram Launches Insights & Analytics In Business Tools

In the coming weeks, Instagram business tools will come loaded with analytics that will tell you about impressions, replies, reach and exits. Also, businesses will be able to run full-screen ads in stories and it will utilize the analytics capabilities of the photo sharing platform. The feature is currently on trial with some global brands but will roll out soon.

2. Facebook Allows Live Broadcast From Desktop

Now one can go live on a Facebook page using the web browser from a desktop. Also, video metrics will be available for public videos hosted by profiles with 5,000 or more followers along with comment pinning. Lastly, the Live Contributor role in pages now allows admins to permit specific individuals to go live on behalf of a page and stream live content from a mobile device.

3. Twitter To Bring A New Version Of Its Dashboard App

Twitter will close its Dashboard from 3 February but it will bring a new feature in its place that will have the best of Dashboard and much more.

4. Facebook To Expand Dynamic AD Format

The new update lets advertisers target more audience and reach out to even those who are interested in the product of the company. This is to say businesses can even target those who have not necessarily looked at the product online but have searched for similar items on different websites.

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