Facebook Upgraded Their Live Videos To Live 360 Videos!

Facebook 360 degree video

Facebook Upgraded Their Live Videos To Live 360 Videos!

Video content is all the rage now and the trend and popularity of such content only seems to be increasing (and steeply!). In fact, the popularity Facebook’s Live Video feature is a testament to how common and engaging videos on social media (and the entire Web in general) have gotten. And now, in tune to the rapid demand for more engaging and more complex video content, Facebook has just introduced the 360 video feature to their live videos!

Before we gush about this feature though, a brief explanation of what these features are might be in order to differentiate Facebook’s Live Video feature from its newly upgraded Live 360 Video feature:

1) Facebook’s Live Videos

This feature basically allowed users to shoot videos and stream it live on Facebook from their chosen location during the shoot. This has been an especially popular trend when it came to travel-experience videos. And a lot of Influencers and businesses even had regular live episodes of various genres of content to engage with their audience. (In fact, most live sessions were scheduled and advertised in order to ensure a fan or audience member didn’t miss a live streaming session. And they were so popular that episodic live streams became quite a normal strategy for many.)

2) Facebook’s Live 360 Videos

360 videos in general give a 360 degree view of a particular scene, location, or landscape that a video has shot. And in a 360 video, users can explore that particular landscape at their own pace and choice. The live 360 video feature is set to combine live streaming videos with this 360 degree view feature of the location/scene. The 360 video is already pretty popular in its own right. So to combine that feature with live streamed videos is sure to be a real head-turner (no pun intended).

Facebook first launched their new Live 360 video feature with National Geographic on 13th December (2016).

(Note: It will likely be only slowly available to more pages in time.)

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