Facebook & Twitter Remarketing To Increase Website’s Traffic

Facebook Twitter Remarketing

Facebook  & Twitter Remarketing To Increase Website’s Traffic

Ever visited a website at random, read through and enjoyed some of their posts, and then you visited your Facebook account to find that posts from that website keep showing up as you browse through posts on Facebook? Or perhaps you clicked on one kind of post on Facebook itself, and although the website posts other subject categories of posts too, you keep seeing more posts about the kind of topic you visited more than the others?

Well, that bit of marketing ingenuity is thanks to the Facebook tracking pixel that was probably installed on the website you visited. This tracking pixel then keeps remarketing similar posts from that website to you on Facebook. And a website can install a tracking pixel for twitter too.

So, if you want to increase your website’s traffic, an easy way to accomplish this is by installing a tracking pixel for Facebook and Twitter on your website. This way, you can remarket your posts to those who have visited your website on Facebook and Twitter afterwards, which will most likely get you more post clicks and, consequently, more site traffic.

And of course, let’s not forget that if any of these visitors like or share your post, friends and followers from each of your website visitors’ will most likely see the posts as well, which will most probably lead to them visiting your website if they see a topic that intrigues them. And then the tracking pixel will do its work for you again; and the remarketing process for your website continues. (You’ve got to love social media!)
Still, do remember that this is a technique to help you increase your website’s traffic by remarketing to your website’s visitors and subscribers or followers on Facebook and Twitter. It’s not an umbrella method for online marketing. Simply one method for it!

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