Everything You Need To Know About White Hat SEO

white hat seo

Everything You Need To Know About White Hat SEO

“White Hat SEO” is a specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terminology that relates to SEO practices that are “white” or ethical.

White Hat SEO

Now, before we explain further about what “White Hat SEO” is, let’s establish some background information: First, you should know that online search engines have rules and policies with regards to SEO. These rules and policies are in place to ensure that the online content search engines index and produce for users is relevant and user-friendly. In other words, these SEO-related rules and policies try to make sure that users aren’t lead to completely irrelevant content from what they had been looking for. And White Hat SEO is SEO techniques and practices that follow these rules and guideline. This is why White Hat SEO is also known as Ethical SEO.

Relevant content

Ethical SEO or White Hat SEO focuses on relevant content, the “human” online audience, and organic reach and ranking. To explain: relevant content refers to content creation that is actually unique, useful, and related to what users want to read and can gain information from. Such content is created and aimed at the “human” online audience, meaning that the content is optimized for the users’ benefit rather than just for the sake of search engine rankings. And, the content is optimized to reach as many users as possible organically or naturally; or, in other words, by not using paid SEO.


1) The benefit of White Hat SEO is that you’re in it for the long-haul.
2) You don’t have to fear search engines banning your site or lowering your rank.
3) Users trust your content and will refer back to it. And your reputation is solidified and carried forward for years to come.

Of course, this does not mean that you don’t try to market your page or that you don’t use SEO methods to gain more traffic. It just means that your SEO methods are ethical.

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