Demystifying Keywords for SEO in 2016

Demystifying SEO Keywords

Demystifying Keywords for SEO in 2016

With the year 2016 well underway now, we’re slowly untangling which SEO predictions made for 2016 is turning out to be true, and which ones are not. Still, the number of varying and sometimes contradictory predictions made about SEO was highly confusing. And, one of the main debates regarding SEO in 2016 were regarding the use of keywords.

Generally, the idea was that, with Google’s new search algorithm, keywords would more or less become obsolete. Because, Google was focusing more on content quality with its new algorithm changes and keywords would most probably hinder content quality.

In truth though, using keywords appropriately will neither improve nor hinder the quality of your content. And, Google’s new changes do not make the use of keywords redundant; rather there is a more intelligent reaction to keywords by Google now:

For one thing, you must never ever stuff your content with keywords. Your content should aim at providing information first and foremost, and parts of your content can merely be rephrased to hold common keywords. Also, note that only about 10% of your content should contain keywords, if any.

Now, before you belabor the fact that “10%” more or less ruins your keyword count and that you’ll have to redo your entire content, hold on a second. All you have to do is rephrase or edit your content so that it means the same thing, but with different phrases and terms in the place of the repeated keywords. This will likely make your content rank even better in Google search engines too. For, Google’s new algorithm can also find and analyze terms and phrases that are synonymous with a user’s search query, rather than only find those terms and phrases that are an exact match to the search query.

So don’t fret. Keywords are still very much vital to SEO. Their inclusion and use has merely gotten more sophisticated in 2016

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