Conversion Tracking Is Now Available on LinkedIn

Linkedin ConversionTracking

Conversion Tracking Is Now Available on LinkedIn

1) LinkedIn’s New Conversion Tracking

Good news! LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager now has a facility to measure your sponsored content and text ad campaigns on LinkedIn. More specifically, the Campaign Manager can now track and measure how many conversions are actually generated by each of your LinkedIn “Text Ads” campaigns and “Sponsored Content” updates. And when we say “conversions”, we’re referring to the content downloads, sign-ups, purchases, leads, and the whole shebang of specific results that these ads generate on LinkedIn.

2) Marketing on LinkedIn Just Got Better

If you’re a marketer in any capacity, you know this is reason to celebrate. For your job just got a whole lot more manageable. Because, with this new tool, marketers will not just be able to measure how many conversions (and what kinds of conversions) each ad is pulling in on LinkedIn, but they will also be able to assess the technicalities and influences of each ad. Plus, marketers will be able to scrutinize the “unique” audiences on LinkedIn that are driving these conversion numbers too.

3) The Potential LinkedIn’s New Conversion Tracking Tool Holds

In turn, this information and understanding gained about one’s LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns will allow marketers to tweak their ads to gain a much higher number of conversions than was previously possible. As a result, this tool has the potential to greatly improve a brand’s engagement on LinkedIn, improve the quality of leads, and gain many more new followers than before.

Considering that LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, marketers have long been looking for ways to get better insights for their ads and content on LinkedIn. And now, thanks to its new conversion tracking tool, better insights and performance tracking is exactly what LinkedIn is offering to its users Marketers on LinkedIn can consequently optimize their advertising campaigns for the highest number of conversions they can achieve.

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