Changes Marketers Need To Know About How Facebook News Feeds Works?

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Changes Marketers Need To Know About How Facebook News Feeds Works?

Facebook recently gave their views on how they’re revamping how Facebook News Feeds works. And, for any online marketer, considering what a huge marketing platform Facebook is, here are three changes that every marketer definitely needs to be aware of to get the most out of Facebook News Feeds:

1) The amount of time a user spends on a content topic is prioritized

Facebook has announced that it will prioritize content based on how much time a user spends on it. That is, whether the content is video, audio, images, or text, Facebook will measure the amount of time a user spends reading, watching, or listening to that content, and accordingly prioritize that particular content.
Hence, ensure that your content – whether video, articles, instant articles, etc. – is engaging enough for users to spend time consuming it, and your content will be prioritized on Facebook News Feeds.

2) The diversity of news feed sources will be a major factor

Facebook has learned that users actually prefer engaging with diverse content from different sources rather than the same kind of content over and over again from the same sources. So, Facebook has decided that it will limit how much content a user sees from the same source. Instead, it will give the user exposure to content from various publishers and sources instead.
To take advantage of this change, the easiest thing you can do is share many kinds of content from different sources: For example, share posts from your main blog, a sub-blog, LinkedIn posts, Pinterest links, etc. The trick is to share content from these different sources every day to get maximum exposure.

3) Facebook will consider the type of content a user engages with most

Depending on the user, some will prefer image content, some will prefer videos, others will prefer audio, and still others might prefer text content. Facebook will now measure the type of content a user engages with most, and then show that type of content predominantly in that user’s news feed.
The best way to use this change is to have the same content reformed in image, audio, video, and text content. This way, no matter which type of content is preferred, your content will still reach the user. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai For Social Media Marketing @+91-8451924760 or Now!

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