What You Should Know about Primary and Secondary Keywords?

Primary & Secondary keywords

What You Should Know about Primary and Secondary Keywords?

Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. Recently, businesses and website owners have realized the necessity for valid content on their websites. But strong and relevant keywords being scattered all over the content is still as important as ever for SEO.

On that note of keyword importance, you should know that there are two major categories of keywords you should consider for SEO: primary keywords and secondary keywords. Read more

Strategies For Effective Offsite SEO

Off Page optimization

Strategies For Effective Offsite SEO

Before we jump into working on offsite SEO, remember this: Offsite SEO is absolutely ineffective if you haven’t taken care of the onsite SEO. Because, offsite SEO deals with working “off” the web“site” in order to generate traffic back to that very website. So if you apply offsite SEO techniques but the content on your own website has not been effectively developed and optimized, it is equivalent to leading your target audience back to a dead-end when they expected something that would be useful to them. And that can be catastrophic to your brand and business. Read more

Is SEO The Same As Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing

Is SEO the Same as Internet Marketing?

When one thinks about Internet or Online marketing and has at least a little familiarity with the web, what first comes to mind is usually SEO. This isn’t surprising, especially as most content about Internet marketing usually includes SEO. The result though, is that SEO is often used synonymously with Internet marketing – Which brings us back to the question in the title: Is SEO the same as internet marketing? Read more

Know More about SEO: Stages of SEO Process


Know More about SEO:  Stages of SEO Process

SEO or search engine optimization is the most important tool of internet marketing that helps to get a site better rank in search engine results. It also brings more traffic to your site and strengthens the position of your web property in the digital estate. Therefore, every website or blog that aspires to consolidate its position in the intensely competitive and crowded digital world should invest in SEO and execute the SEO process properly so as to get favorable results. Read more

How To Provide Unique Value In Your Content?

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How To Provide Unique Value In Your Content

In the present times, no website can function without appealing content. You have to put efforts into creating valuable content that beats the clutter and competition in the web world and succeeds in getting attention. So, here are the five important characteristics that your content must possess:

1. Relevant

Your content must possess details that audience and search engines are looking for. It should be topical and related with the subject that is being searched. A topic can have many variations and interpretations. So, you should be clear, consistent and focused on the subject that you take up. Read more