2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter



2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter

We’ll get to the point: It’s all about the visual content.

In other words, your tweets will stand out more if they include visual content. And this goes for your tweetable blog posts too. After all, if you want people to notice your blog post links on their twitter feed, you need to first catch their eye. And images can help you do that.

Here’s how you can optimize and fix your Twitter account and your blog posts so that they stand out on your followers’ Twitter news feeds:

1) Set Up Twitter Cards

If you have a blog, make sure that each and every one of your blog posts have an accompanying image. If any of them don’t, add an image. And also make sure that the “Tweet Post to Twitter” button is available under each post on your blog and on every web page on your website.
Then, set up Twitter Cards on your blog and linked Twitter Account. For, once you do, Twitter Cards will use your tweeted blog post’s image and the image’s description every single time a blog post is tweeted from your site. And these media rich cards will make your tweeted links stand out all the more on Twitter.

2) Make Your Blog Post Images Twitter-Sized

This is an alternative to using Twitter Cards. Here, you basically resize your blog post images so that their dimensions match the preview dimensions on Twitter. This way, every time your blog post is tweeted, the image relevant to that post can be automatically previewed in full. This helps as previews of cut-off or partial images are less attention-grabbing than complete images on Twitter. (The only disadvantage here is that the blog post images will be optimized for Twitter, but not necessarily for other social media platforms.)

Which method you opt for is up to you. But either way, the point is to tweet your content with images at center-stage.

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3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

Twitter Business Tips

3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

As a business, Twitter may seem like a limited resource to find new clients and prospects when compared to other social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Especially since there is limited characters count to work with. But, when used right, Twitter can prove the “less is more” rule quite exceptionally.

In fact, here are three great ways to put your feelers out for customers and clients on Twitter:

1) Search Through Twitter’s Advanced Search Option

Believe it or not, a lot of people do post requirements on Twitter. The only thing you have to do is find them. For instance, an author might be bemoaning the fact that he/she can’t find anyone to illustrate her book cover in a tweet. It’s not a formal request for a designer, no. But it can work just as well. All you have to do is use Twitter Advanced Search to search for certain keywords, phrases, words, and even sentences in various orders and hashtags, and you’ll likely find a number of such tweets that are potential job opportunities. And once you find them, you simply have to tweet a reply to become part of that conversation. (You can even set up an email alert for such searches using IFTTT.)

2) Advertise your Services/Website by Offering Freebies and/or Giveaways Through Twitter Ads

Plan on having giveaways and freebies on your website that people will like having in return for them signing up on your website/blog via email. Then, use a Twitter Ad Campaign to promote this giveaway/freebie and direct people to your landing page. This way, you’ll have a great list of contacts who could soon become your customers.

3) Use Periscope to Chat Via Live Videos With Prospective Clients

Twitter’s mobile app now has Periscope for live-streaming videos on Twitter. You can use this feature to chat live with your customers and followers and likely encourage them to hire you for your services.

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3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

Twitter video ads

3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

Videos are an awesome medium of content even with Twitter’s 140 rule and limitation. In fact, especially when it comes to Twitter ads, video content is probably the most effective kind of ad you could put up on Twitter. However, that doesn’t mean that you swarm your audience with marketing videos alone. Rather, here are three kinds of [indirectly marketing] videos that you can use effectively and engagingly in your Twitter ads:

1) Video Product Catalog

Rather than blatantly promoting your products, make a video catalog of your products simply to create an ambience and impression around them. In other words, simply and concisely showcase your products via a video on Twitter. The quick content and the visual appeal such videos create will be enough to entice your viewers to click on your ad.

2) How-To Video

How-to videos are ruling the roost at the top of the popularity hierarchy of online video content. So it makes sense that using a how-to video in your Twitter ad is an effective strategy. And, if you’re worried about the limited video content you’re restricted to posting on Twitter, don’t; that’s your advantage. For, if your instructional video gives your viewers something interesting and of value to watch, you can encourage them to click on the ad and view the rest of your video on your website (which they will, if they liked the start and subject matter of your how-to video).

3) Showcase or Walkthrough Video

A showcase or walkthrough video is a great way to directly introduce a product of yours to your viewers. For instance, showing a video of how to use your app is a simple yet perfect opportunity to tell your potential customers what your product can do (and how). It simultaneously promotes your product directly (without using any blatant marketing tactics), and also teaches viewers how to use your product.

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How To Use Advanced Twitter Search?

Twitter Advance Search

How To Use Advanced Twitter Search?

The best way to appear an expert in your field is to take part in Twitter conversations where you can actually make use of and show your epertise. However, with thousands to millions of tweets and related conversations happening daily on this bite-size content encouraging platform, finding the right conversations to weigh in on is difficult.

Luckily, you can use advanced Twitter search to find these conversations. Here are 3 ways how:

1) Use keywords in various combinations to search for and monitor relevant Twitter conversations in your industry.

Use the “OR” search operator to combine all the relevant keywords in your search; it will ensure that none of your specified keywords are overlooked. Adding the “recommend” keyword or similar keywords will also help you find conversations where people are looking for the kind of services you and your business is offering. Regularly update your keywords as well in order to keep up with the latest conversations that are happening in your industry.

2) Use keywords to find Twitter accounts that fall within your industry

Like in the previous case, use relevant keywords, then click on “More Options” in the advanced Twitter search settings and then pick “Accounts”. This will get you a list of filtered accounts that match your keywords, thereby giving you peer accounts to follow in your industry.

3) Filter the advanced Twitter search results by date

While it’s important to participate in relevant conversations, it’s also necessary to ensure that the conversations you’re weighing in on is “timely”. For instance, taking part in conversations that have long since been shelved will not make you look like a thought leader in your industry. Instead, if you filter your keywords and hashtags on the advanced Twitter search engine by recent dates (perhaps, say, in the range of the last few weeks to the present), you’ll get the latest conversations happening in your industry at the current time.

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How To Use the “Geocode” Search Query On Twitter?

Twitter Geocode

How To Use the “Geocode” Search Query On Twitter?

Local marketing trends are at all-time rise, especially since marketing to your local area is a great way to promote your local business. Plus, location-based marketing on Twitter and other social media is also a great way to engage with both existing and potential local customers as well. And using the “Geocode” search query is exactly how you can connect and engage with any local customers and businesses in your area. Here’s how you can use this search query:

1) Get your local business’s geographical coordinates (perhaps by using a website like MyGeoPosition.com or some other similar geolocation website or tool).

2) In the Twitter search bar, type in “geocode:” Then copy the latitude and longitude coordinates you obtained of your business’s geographical location. Type it right after the colon (:) with no space in-between.

3) Type in a comma (,) right after the latitudes you pasted, and enter the kilometers around the [specified] area that you want to find Twitter accounts for. (Again, there is no space after the comma.)
(For example, geocode:11.0314970,77.0291570,5 km is akin to the search query format of what needs to be entered in Twitter’s search bar.)

4) To connect with the businesses and local users who are within the local area of your business, click on the “Accounts” tab under your search results.

5) Under the “Latest” and “Top” tabs, you’ll find tweets and conversations you can engage or converse with as you might prefer.

Thus, using the geocode search query, you can use Twitter to engage with any existing or potential local customers who are near your local business. And in turn, you will be promoting and spreading your own business’s reach in your local area via this initiative. Plus, best of all, this is probably the quickest tactic you’ll find on Twitter to spread brand awareness about your business [in your local area].

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3 Tips For Making Great Videos For Twitter


Twitter video

3 Tips For Making Great Videos For Twitter

When Twitter only allowed its videos to be 30 seconds long, it was pretty difficult to use the medium effectively. However, now that Twitter has extended the time limit of its videos to 140 seconds, marketers, advertisers, and small businesses have a lot more leeway. However, that time limit is still pretty concise. So in order to really utilize this kind of content on Twitter, your videos need to be engaging, interesting, and memorable on Twitter.

So, working towards that end, here are three cool tips to make great videos you can tweet on Twitter:

1) Grab Your Viewers In The First Three Seconds

If you take the entire 140 seconds of video time to make your point, your viewers are going to be scrolling passed well before you’re done. Hence, you need to plan your video so that you deliver the “hook” or “interest point” right in the first three seconds.
Get your viewer to pause at your video past those first three seconds, though, and you’ll likely get them to watch it all the way through. And luckily, since your video can only be 140 seconds long at the most, the viewer(s) would have reached the end of your video long before their attention wavers.

2) Make Your Video Interesting Even Without Audio

Your Twitter videos will start playing automatically to viewers without the sound the moment they come across it. And most viewers often don’t turn on the audio all the way to the end. Hence, it’s necessary that your video gets its message across even without the aid of sound. Or else, it should be interesting enough that the viewer wants to go back and watch it with the sound.

3) Don’t Limit Your Videos to Footage

Videos can be effective even if they simply use still images with background music (like in product catalog videos, for example), or animations. Even using an animated GIF instead of a video can get your point across perfectly. It all depends on what you’re trying to convey and the visual appeal you generate with your video/animated GIF

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Using DrumUp For Twitter Content

DrumUp Add Account

Using DrumUp For Twitter Content

The fact that, Twitter insists on your content being no longer than 140 characters can be a bane or a boon depending on what kind of content you’re trying to tweet. But it’s often a boon when you can just post really quick and short content sometimes – especially when other social media platforms often require a combo of hashtags, images, text, and even video content in order for the post to be optimized for social media searches.

However, as with anything, there is a flip side to this advantage. For, while 140 characters are all that’s needed for a single Twitter post, good tweeting practices require that you tweet at least once a day (though tweeting every fifteen minutes or less would be even better use of Twitter). And finding content to tweet regularly can be annoying and time-consuming, if not downright difficult.

Well, this is where DrumUp is a big help! The DrumUp tool can help you find relevant and fresh content to tweet about right on your DrumUp dashboard. All you need to do is click on the Settings tab on your DrumUp dashboard and then add the keywords you want to find content for. You can also specify how many posts you want per day as well as include any negative keywords in the settings (i.e., keywords you don’t want your content based on). The settings of your DrumUp tool also include sections where you’ll need to specify your country, time zone, and how often you want top stories delivered to your registered email ID.

Once you’ve established you’re settings, you’re all set: Now, under the “Content” tab on your dashboard, you’ll get recommended content (under the “Recommended” sub-tab) that you can schedule to tweet from your connected Twitter account. And voila, you’ll have steady, relevant content to tweet as regularly as you wish, with minimum search efforts on your part.

(Note: Always verify that the content is relevant to your preferences before you schedule the tweets. The keyword settings are not infallible.)

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