How To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog?


How To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog?

Pinterest – with absolutely no bias meant against other social media sites – is probably the most fun and creative social media platform out there. Its success is also rather unique, as, unlike other social media, the onus here isn’t to keep contact with people, keep track of friends, share statuses and updates about one’s lives, or even to gain a lot of followers. (And though there are plenty of Pinterest users who use Pinterest to gain followers and market their brand, Pinterest isn’t the main social media of choice for this.)

Rather, the onus is more on finding things that spark our interest and to get ideas when we need them. In a sense, Pinterest gives us an online version of a vision board or inspiration board; and you have the entire realm of the Web’s ideas to make it up.

However, this in no way means that Pinterest doesn’t cut it as a sound marketing platform. Quite the contrary. The Pinterest website might not have been made with the sole purpose of marketing in mind, but considering how long people spend on the site and how appealing your content is, Pinterest is a great site to use to get more traffic for your website and blog. And, it has been known to be especially good for marketing products from e-commerce websites.

Either way, here’s how you can use Pinterest to gain more visitors to your blog or website:

1) First of all, along with other pins, also save pins from your own website – especially custom images that promote your brand, its colors, and/or your business and website.

2) Use relevant keywords in your Pinterest descriptions.

3) Add links to your home page or specific web pages on your site in the link section of each pin.

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