3 Ways You Can Publish Your Instagram Photos On Facebook

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3 Ways You Can Publish Your Instagram Photos On Facebook

Images, graphics, photos, animated GIFs, and videos are rocking the Facebook platform right now. And if you’re frequent on Instagram and post fairly regularly there, then there’s no reason you can’t use your Instagram posts to help you reach more people on Facebook.

Here are three ways in which you can publish your Instagram photographs on Facebook:

1) Enable your Instagram Post to be Published on Your Facebook Timeline

You have the option of linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page. And each time you publish anything on Facebook, you have the option to post it onto your Facebook page simultaneously. You simply have to swipe right next to your linked Facebook page or account (so that the swiping strip is blue) to enable it. You can individually select whether or not you want to publish a post to Facebook each time you publish content on Instagram.
(Note: You can’t separately schedule your Instagram posts on Facebook this way. It will publish simultaneously on your Facebook page instead.)

2) Copy Your Instagram Post’s URL to Facebook

You can have more control over how your Instagram image and resulting Facebook post will look with this option. All you have to do is copy the URL of your Instagram post from the address bar, and then paste it into your status update section on Facebook. Then, once the image renders based on the pasted URL, delete the URL from the content and add your own status update. Then, either publish it directly or schedule it so that it is published at a date and time of your choice. You can also add your location, what you’re feeling, etc., to this post, just like you could do to any of your other Facebook status updates.

3) Copy Your Instagram Post’s Embed Code to Paste on Facebook

To do this, click on the More icon (…) on your Instagram post, and click on the “Embed” option. Then copy the embed code you get and simply paste it on your Facebook status update. All other steps are exactly the same as when you copy your post’s URL into your Facebook page’s status update [area].

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