Steps To Define A Custom Audience For Your Facebook Ad Based On Website Visitor Behaviour

facebook custom audiences

Steps To Define A Custom Audience For Your Facebook Ad Based On Website Visitor Behaviour

You can define a custom audience for your Facebook ad that is based on your website’s traffic and visitor behavior, if you have installed Facebook Pixel on your website. If you haven’t, you’d better hop to it. Whereas, if you have, here’s how you can customize your Facebook audience based on your web traffic:

Step 1

In the “Create a Custom Audience” window, under the “How do you want to create this audience?” section, choose the option “Website Traffic”. (This way, you’ll be able to create a list of people who contribute to your website’s traffic and page visits.)

Step 2

In the following “Create Audience Window”, set your audience targeting settings by selecting a “Website traffic” option from the list of drop-down options:

The “Anyone who visits your website” option will target anyone who has visited your website.

The “People who visit specific web pages” option or the “People who visit specific web pages but not others” option will let you target people who visit specific URLs, or follow specific URL rules and keywords. The main difference between these two options is that the latter option allows you to exclude people who visit specific URLs or follow certain URL rules and keywords as well.

The “People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time” option lets you target old visitors who have not revisited your website recently.

The “Based on time spent on your website” option is a fairly new targeting option. This option targets users who fall into the top 5%, 10%, and 25% of users who have spent the most amount of time on your website.

Finally, the “Custom combination” option allows you to target dynamic versions of your various customer lists. (For instance, you target visitors to your website who have actively purchased or signed up for stuff on your website in the more or less recent past.)

Step 3

Pick one of the above “Website traffic” options in Step 2, set up the targeting parameters you require for that option, and then you’re all set!

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Steps To Define Facebook Ad’s Customer List

Facebook customer list

Steps To Define Facebook  Ad’s Customer List

Selecting the right audience for your Facebook ad is crucial for the success of your ad and the potential conversions and sales you can achieve from it. Further, defining a custom audience for your Facebook ad will be a much better option than picking a general or over-large audience demographic for your ad.

One effective kind of custom audience you can select is by uploading your own list of customers or existing leads. And this option allows you to not only upload a CSV file of such leads, but you can also alternatively upload an email list from MailChimp.

Here’s what you need to do to define such a Facebook audience for your ad:

Step 1:

In the “Create a Custom Audience” window, under the “How do you want to create this audience?” section, select the option “Customer File”. (This option will allow you to upload a CSV file containing

Step 2:

Under “How do you want to add customers to this audience?”, you can either select the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” option or the “Import from MailChimp” option. (Choosing the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” allows you to either upload a CSV file or copy and paste the data of customer contacts. Choosing the “Import from MailChimp” option allows you to import an email list of contacts/customers from MailChimp.)

And then you’re all set!

[Note, however, that if you choose the “Choose a file or copy and paste data” option, your Facebook matches will be better if you add more identifiers such as zip codes, ages, phone numbers, emails, etc.]

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Why Is It A Good Idea To Verify Your Business Page On Facebook?

business page

Why Is It A Good Idea To Verify Your Business Page On Facebook?

The blue verification badge is a well-known sight for most Facebook users: It marks the Facebook pages that are the verified and authentic pages of public figures.

Similarly, it is possible to get a verification badge for your local business page on Facebook as well. The only difference is that this badge will be gray instead of blue. Now, you might wonder why this verification badge is necessary at all.

Well, just like the blue verification badge on Facebook celebrity pages, having a verification badge on your local business page will also give you a number of benefits on Facebook:

1) The gray badge adds a layer of authenticity to your business (just like the blue badge does for celebrity pages and public and global brands). Hence, customers are more likely to trust your page as being legitimate, and thereby be more confident in the fact that your posts and offers (and location) are valid.

2) The gray badge will help your Facebook business page appear (i.e., rank) higher in relevant search results.

3) Customers looking to engage with your business on Facebook will know they’ve come to the right place when they see the gray verification badge.

4) Clients and potential customers/fans will know all page updates are legitimate to the local business.

5) Imposter pages can be easily identified by your customers by the lack of gray verification badge.

Hence, if your local business page isn’t verified on Facebook yet, doing so should be high on your to-do list. The best part is that all you need is a phone number or official document that you can enter and upload in order to verify your page as the legitimate page for your business on Facebook.

[Note, however, that this feature for business page verification is not yet available on a global scale.]

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Steps To Verify Your Local Business’s Facebook Page Via Your Smartphone

Facebook Business Page

Steps To Verify Your Local Business’s Facebook Page Via Your Smartphone

If your local business has a Facebook page, then it will be in your business’s best interests to have a gray “verified page” badge next to your page/business name on Facebook.

Here’s how you can verify your local business page on Facebook right on your smartphone:

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook business page via your Facebook mobile app.

Step 2:

Tap on the More Options button (denoted by “. . .”) and select the “Edit Settings” option.

Step 3:

Under the “Settings” screen, tap on the right-facing arrow (looks like a closing angle bracket or the greater-than sign) on the right of the “General” settings option.

Step 4:

Under the “General” screen, go to the “Page Verification” section and tap on the right-facing arrow on the right of the “Verify your Page” option.

Step 5:

Under the “Page Verification” screen, you will be prompted to “Please enter a business phone number.” Enter your business phone number here and click on the “Call Me Now” button below.

Step 6:

You will get a message on the “Page Verification” screen that will tell you that Facebook is calling you at the number you just entered and that you will get a 4-digit verification code that you will have to note down. Await the phone call from Facebook and note down the 4-digit code. (If the call doesn’t arrive after too long or you miss the verification code, you can click on the “Call Me Again” button at the bottom of the screen.)

Step 7:

Enter the 4-digit verification code you hear into the text box marked “Verification Code”. Then press the “Continue” button.

You should next receive a “Congratulations” message on your “Page Verification” screen, meaning that now you’ll have a gray badge next to your local business’s page [name] on Facebook.

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4 Tips To Get Facebook Page Free Likes

facebook like

4 Tips To Get Facebook Page Free Likes

Facebook is a goldmine for followers and potential customers for your business – especially since it crossed 1 billion users. But then again, Facebook has crossed 1 billion users, a lot of whom are promoting businesses themselves. Which means your competition just got worse on Facebook.
Well, no need to fret either way, because here are some of the tips you can start off with in order to get a good number of free “Likes” for your Facebook business page:

1)Fill in Your Facebook Page’s About Section and Other Fields

Your Facebook page is as searchable on the Web as any website or blog. And it’s your page’s About section that allows you to include the right and relevant terms that will make your page “searchable” non search engines. So, first and foremost, fill this section appropriately.

2) Invite Your Friends and Colleagues to Like Your Page

This is a no-brainer. Before you start looking for other fans for your page, first invite the people you already know on Facebook to “Like” your page. Even if all of them don’t respond, you’ll still get a good number of fans to make your Facebook page more “seeable” on Facebook – as whoever follows your page will automatically promote your page to their friends via their Facebook feeds.

3) Include Facebook Like Boxes on Your Blog and Website

You have the option of including a Facebook “Like” widget on your blog and website platform, so do it. This way, your followers have a way to find you on Facebook and, if they like your blog/website content, then they will likely “Like” your Facebook page too.
(Also, ensure that your blog posts and new content are regularly shared onto your Facebook page as well.)

4) Include Your Facebook Page on Offline Channels

Ensure that all you business materials – visiting cards, letter heads, pamphlets, brochures, custom stationery, etc. – have your Facebook page’s link and name. In fact, if you have an offline store, ensure that all your packaging materials have your Facebook details, and also that your front desk clearly shows your Facebook (and other social media account) details.

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2 Ways To Sabotaging Your Facebook Business Page

facebook business page

2 Ways To Sabotaging Your Facebook Business Page

So, you have a Facebook page and you’ve followed all the “suggestions” and “instructions” that are aplenty on the World Wide Web to make your Facebook business page successful. However, after the initial boost of your page’s engagement, your page is lagging or isn’t coming up to scratch.

If the above scenario seems to suit your situation, then the bad news is that your own actions (or inaction’s) might be sabotaging the potential of your Facebook business page. The good news, though, is that you can easily fix this problem. So see if you’ve been unintentionally dooming your Facebook page in the following ways:

1) The Sabotage: Being inactive on Facebook

Posting a lot of great content on Facebook and then leaving it be to garner likes and engagement on its own is not a good strategy. In fact, that’s the worst thing you can do.

The Fix:
If you don’t have regular content to post, then schedule posts so that they are evenly posted on Facebook (and prepare hash tags and name tags and content descriptions for these posts as may be necessary). And if you’re more active on Twitter or on a blog, then link your Facebook account to them so that every time you post a tweet or a blog post, the same is shared on your Facebook page as well.
But, no matter how you do it, ensure that you’re active on your Facebook page at least once a week (preferably more).

2) The Sabotage: Posting random and boring content

While posting unrelated content on your Facebook page once in a while (which means once in a blue moon) is acceptable, flooding your Facebook page with clickbait content and content that is uninteresting and not useful to your readers is a big no-no. Are you an automobile-related page? Then unless your post is about cars and limos used or hired at weddings and why, do not post wedding-related posts on such a page!

The Fix:
You don’t have to be unreasonably stringent to your niche. Humor and entertainment and emotional appeals are always welcome. But just make sure your posted content is in some way related to your page’s niche. After all, if you’re a dog owner (for example), wouldn’t you be irritated to join a page for dog-care and then be flooded by cat-care or mouse-care posts in your news feed?

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4 Tips To Generate Facebook Lookalike Audiences For Effective Marketing

facebook lookalike audience

4 Tips To Generate Facebook Lookalike Audiences For Effective Marketing

Facebook has proven to be a great platform for businesses looking to attract and create customers. It is easy to reach out to consumers with the ads of this social networking site and one can gain more customers by building lookalike audiences. Facebook Lookalike audience refers to those users that come forward as an advanced targeting option for the Facebook ads. They are not restricted by basic interest and demographic targeting functionality. They are built with the help of existing customers. With them, you can easily find the ideal customer. So, here are the tricks through which you can do so.

1. Build email list lookalike audiences

Emails are still an effective marketing tool and you can create a Facebook customer list by navigating to the Audiences dashboard. Click Create Audience, select Custom Audience, select customer file and add your email data. Then map your identifiers, upload the list and create a lookalike audience.

2. Set up video lookalike audiences

Videos are the most popular content and you can create custom video audience by opening Facebook Ads Manager, navigating to the Audiences dashboard. Click menu button and then All Tools. Click Create Audience, select Custom Audience, Engagement on Facebook, video, engagement criteria and then you can build lookalike audiences at various engagement levels.

3. Create conversion lookalike audience

This way you can find new target audiences who have participated in a conversion event but you need to have conversion tracking installed beforehand. Follow the above steps and choose the event you want to create the audience from and you are done. You will receive notification once it is created.

4. Build page likes lookalike audience

Easiest to build, this does not even require you to first create a custom audience as the source audience. Just go to Audiences dashboard, select your page name from the Source drop-down list and create a lookalike audience box.

The thing you need to always bear in mind is that the larger the sample size i.e. the source audience the better your lookalike audience will be.

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Facebook Upgraded Their Live Videos To Live 360 Videos!

Facebook 360 degree video

Facebook Upgraded Their Live Videos To Live 360 Videos!

Video content is all the rage now and the trend and popularity of such content only seems to be increasing (and steeply!). In fact, the popularity Facebook’s Live Video feature is a testament to how common and engaging videos on social media (and the entire Web in general) have gotten. And now, in tune to the rapid demand for more engaging and more complex video content, Facebook has just introduced the 360 video feature to their live videos!

Before we gush about this feature though, a brief explanation of what these features are might be in order to differentiate Facebook’s Live Video feature from its newly upgraded Live 360 Video feature:

1) Facebook’s Live Videos

This feature basically allowed users to shoot videos and stream it live on Facebook from their chosen location during the shoot. This has been an especially popular trend when it came to travel-experience videos. And a lot of Influencers and businesses even had regular live episodes of various genres of content to engage with their audience. (In fact, most live sessions were scheduled and advertised in order to ensure a fan or audience member didn’t miss a live streaming session. And they were so popular that episodic live streams became quite a normal strategy for many.)

2) Facebook’s Live 360 Videos

360 videos in general give a 360 degree view of a particular scene, location, or landscape that a video has shot. And in a 360 video, users can explore that particular landscape at their own pace and choice. The live 360 video feature is set to combine live streaming videos with this 360 degree view feature of the location/scene. The 360 video is already pretty popular in its own right. So to combine that feature with live streamed videos is sure to be a real head-turner (no pun intended).

Facebook first launched their new Live 360 video feature with National Geographic on 13th December (2016).

(Note: It will likely be only slowly available to more pages in time.)

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How To Increase Engagement For Your Facebook Page?

Facebook Page Engagement

How To Increase Engagement For Your Facebook Page?

Facebook is undoubtedly a great social platform for marketing and engagement. However, sometimes engagement with your Facebook page can be slow or erratic, which is no good for your business’s social media reach. And you know that getting as many likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook page and posts is what you need to really amp your brand exposure. So, to help you out, here are a couple of tips on how you can increase engagement for your Facebook page:

1) Ask people to share your content

This might seem an odd tip. But, the truth is, most people will engage with and share your content on Facebook when you ask them too. That is also why you should mention your call-to-action or sharing/liking/commenting request at the end of your post or at the end of your video. For, if the user’s reached that far, then they obviously found your content interesting. Hence, simply reminding them to engage with your content is usually enough to get them to do so.

2)Post a higher frequency of video content

You might already be posting video content on your Facebook page. However, posting more video content on your page – and that too, uploading videos directly to your page and timeline – will get you even higher engagement.

3) Post Facebook Live videos regularly

Remember that video is a hot content medium right now? Well, it seems that live video content is even more popular on Facebook than other kinds of video content. Hence, posing Facebook Live videos will drive great engagement for your page. Plus, remember the previous tip about posting more video content than you usually would? The same applies to Facebook Live videos as well: Post more Facebook Live videos – even regularly – and your Facebook page engagement will simultaneously increase.

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Tips On How To Use Facebook For B2B Marketing

Facebook B2B Marketing

Tips On How To Use Facebook For B2B Marketing

Facebook is not just a great platform for B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing, but it’s versatility as a social media site makes it an excellent B2B (Business to Business) marketing platform as well. So, if you’re looking into marketing your products and services to other businesses, check out the following three tips on how you can improve your Facebook strategy for B2B marketing:

1) Use Images and Bold Text

Images any day get more traction and engagement on social media than plain text content. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if your image just has stylized text stating the title or headline of your link and a simple lead. What matters is that your link has an image that will catch the eye. Also, use bold text and concise information when crafting the titles of your content. Your sharing text update, excerpt, or message should also give a clear, concise idea of what people will find if they click on your link.

2) Use Scheduled Facebook Live Shows

Facebook Live videos are a big hit on Facebook, and many businesses and users have already started using this tool to increase their user engagement. However, rather than promoting an upcoming Facebook Live video one at a time, having scheduled live shows – a lot like a scheduled, real-time television show – can be even more effective in marketing your business to other businesses. After all, if one live show can generate so much of engagement, an entire planned series of live shows has that much more potential.

3) Post Native Videos as Updates on Your Timeline

Native videos refer to videos that have been directly uploaded onto one’s Facebook timeline – whether that’s on a Facebook account’s timeline, or a Facebook Page’s timeline. And generally, such native videos generate much more engagement and views on Facebook than linked or shared videos do.

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