4 Tips To Revamp Your Old Blog Posts

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4 Tips To Revamp Your Old Blog Posts

So you’ve been running a blog for a while now and you’ve got a good amount of them. And while that’s great, if they’re not generating the traffic you want, then you’ll need to revamp them. Even more importantly, if you plan to re-share old blog posts and use them to generate traffic for your blog, then you’ll need to optimize them and renew their content value.

Here are four quick ways you can improve them:

1) Revamp Your Blog Post Titles

If your blog post title is boring or uninspired, then nobody is going to click on your link when you share it. So go through your posts and change your titles to make them more interesting and click-able.

2) Add Images to All Your Blog Posts

All of your blog posts need a visual image to accompany it. For, that’s actually what the user sees first on social media. (The user reads the blog post title only after seeing the image.) Hence, check to ensure that none of your old blog posts are without relevant images.

3) Check Your Posts for Grammatical Errors, Typos, and Broken Links

As you maintain your blog, there is no doubt that your knowledge and familiarity with creating blog posts will change and increase over time. Hence, it’s likely that you’ll spot errors in your posts now that you didn’t before.
In short, check you blog posts for grammatical errors, typos, and broken links, fix anything that needs fixing, and only then should you share them on social media.

4) Add Alt Text to All Your Blog Post Images

You have images all over your blog now. And you need to make those images optimized for searches. Alt Text is what you need for this to happen: Write descriptions and/or hashtags using relevant keywords in the Alt Text area of each image on your blog, and your blog will fare better on relevant search results.

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3 Tips That Will Make Creating Image Posts Easier For You

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3 Tips That Will Make Creating Image Posts Easier For You

Images are lovely and versatile things to post. For, they can be posted as stand-alone images, or even be posted as the “face” of a text post. A lot of the time, many image posts even get away with just having a few lines of text on them. For that is the power of a picture (even if it’s a picture with just words)!

But, while the value of images on social media is easy to understand, picking images or creating them for your brand isn’t always so simple – especially if you’re new at it.

So, to make it easier, here are three simple tips to follow when you’re looking to create images to post:

1) Use a template

This can be a complete lifesaver and is a must-do tip. For, in truth, a lot of the posts and images you post on social media often follows a theme or style. So, instead of creating a new image each and every time, you can use a template instead. That way, nitty gritty and tedious details, like positioning, font type or size, or the number of elements to include, can all just be replaced and customized for each image post.
And, if you do have different categories or kinds of posts, then make an image template for each of them.

2) Keep it simple

Too many elements in an image will make it look complex, distract the audience, and be altogether unappealing. So, stick to using no more than three to five elements per image (or less!). And don’t use more than two types of fonts (pairs of fonts that go well together, that is) per image.

Use common events to prepare images in advance:
Your posts should be current, yes. But then, you can use the knowledge of common and upcoming holidays, events, and celebrations to create or pick images in advance for your posts.

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2 Simple Ways For Digital Marketers To Track, Save And Manage Their Time Online

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2 Simple Ways For Digital Marketers To Track, Save And Manage Their Time Online

Whether you’re a starting entrepreneur, a freelancer managing your blog and social media accounts on your own, or you’re a digital marketer who works on digitally promoting other people’s businesses, working on digital media for business takes a lot of your time. In fact, you’ve probably found that, while your tasks, in general, may not be too tedious or time-consuming after you actually sit down to complete those tasks, then time simply flies and you get up realizing you have plenty more tasks left to complete.

Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Every digital marketer, at any stage of expertise, has this problem happen quite a bit. Hence, to help you manage your digital marketing tasks more efficiently (and thereby save a big chunk of your time), here are two simple steps that will help you save more time than you’d think:

1) Track the time you take on various online tasks

The sad truth is that, since many online tasks seem simple and even mind-numbingly tedious (like when you’re scheduling ready posts on various social media sites and blogs for the entire month or week), we underestimate how much time such tasks can take. Hence, start by checking the time at when you start such a task, focus on completing that task alone, and then check the time you’ve taken. This will give you an idea of how to schedule your time and how often you should do a particular digital marketing task.

2) Set a time limit for each task

Now that you know how much time you need for each task, set up an alarm or countdown timer app that will let you know when to end that particular task. In addition to making sure you don’t exceed your schedule, such a setup also develops a psychological sense of urgency that you will act upon.

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Happy Gudi Padava

happy gudi padava

शिखरे उत्कर्षाची सर तुम्ही करत राहावी…!!
कधी वळून पाहता आमची शुभेच्छा स्मरावी…!!
तुमच्या इच्छा आकांक्षाचा वेल गगनाला भिडू दे…!!
आई भवानीच्या कृपेने तुमच्या जीवनात मनासारखे घडू दे…!!
सर्वांना गुडीपाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा…!!

How Taking Regular Breaks Will Make You A More Efficient Digital Marketer


How Taking Regular Breaks Will Make You A More Efficient Digital Marketer

A number of research studies indicate that you will actually be more productive if you take regular breaks between your various tasks. The intervals of those breaks vary, of course, depending on the study. But they all unanimously agree that it isn’t good for either your productivity or your health to work for hours at a stretch on the computer.

(And, if you’re into digital marketing at any stage, you know that you do sit for hours glued to the screen in order to complete your digital tasks and reach your digital marketing goals.)

So maybe you should take 20 minute breaks every one-and-a-half hours. Or maybe you should take a power once or twice a day. Or maybe you should even take a break every hour that you’re working. Doesn’t matter which break regime you choose. You only have to ensure that it helps you.

But, before we can convince you that regular breaks such as the above will actually be a productive change for you, let us explain how regular breaks practically help you out:

1) It will help you avoid burnout.
Burnout has become a massive epidemic among working professionals in the last couple of years. And digital marketers aren’t immune to this in the least. (Burnout is mental exhaustion, and it can take an individual, years to recover from it if it is pushed to far.) Regular breaks will help you here: It will distract you and help you relax, thus helping you avoid mental fatigue, and also make you more alert when you get back to work.

2) It will help you keep track of time.
It can be really easy to lose track of time on the Internet, and especially on social media. However, if you’re in the habit of taking regular breaks, you’ll be more likely to notice the time you’re spending online.

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3 Tips To Stay Calm After Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Updates

3 Tips To Stay Calm After Google Algorithm Update

No internet marketer needs to be told about the significance of Google algorithms. They are immensely important for the ranking of your website and therefore, whenever the search engine giant introduces any change in the ranking algorithm, SEO experts and marketers usually go into a tizzy. Since everything is not put down in clear terms, anxiety is common but if you follow these tips, you can stay calm and also make requisite changes without any trouble.

1. Wait & Watch Before You React

There is no need to get restless because not every change calls for action on your part. So, resist the urge to jump into the agitated waters. If you are employing white hat techniques, your site will not be affected negatively. Therefore, wait for a few days and respond only if it is necessary.

2. Do Not Assume & Panic

Remember the motive of Google is to make things simpler for the users and therefore, if you have been working according to the guidelines, you will not face troubles. So, do not go into the anxiety mode and start assuming things of your own. Wait for Google to release the information and do not follow what every Tom, Dick and Harryis saying on the internet.

3. Rely On Your Own Research

Google does not always mention about the updates in its blogs. Possum, which was targeted at local SEO, is one such example. In such cases, you should rely on credible sources and your own analysis, which in turn, should be based on research from a fair number of sources as the idea is make an informed change.

Google algorithms are definitely not to be feared. As the famous scientist Marie Curie once said “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood,” there is nothing about the algorithms as well to be feared. It is only to be understood and responded, if necessary.

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3 SEO Tips To Help You Prepare For 2017

3 SEO Tips

3 SEO Tips To Help You Prepare For 2017

With 2017 just around the bend, predictions of what SEO techniques will work best in the coming year are par for the course. And while no one will know for sure what works best till the year actually commences for a good couple of months, in general, there are a few common trends that most SEO experts and analysts seem to agree on.

So without further ado, here are three SEO tips that can only help your online presence – both for the remainder of this year and for 2017:

1) Re-share Content

Before, the most repeated advice was that you must share your content on social media to be seen and to get traffic. However, since everyone is doing that now, it means that even sharing your content on social media is not a sure-fire way to make sure your audience actually sees your content. After all, everyone’s feeds are pretty full now. On the bright side, though, the fix for this is fairly simple: Re-share and redistribute your content multiple times on social media. This way, you not only improve your chances of being seen, but you have regular updates to post without necessarily creating new content each time.

2) Jump into Video Content

Videos are more popular than ever and that trend is on a steep rise. So it’ll be wise to inculcate your content strategy with a lot of video content (like live video, edited videos, episodes, animations, etc.) in 2017.

3) Engage Your Viewers on Social Media

All right, social media is a great avenue to advertise your business and products and increase sales. However, it’s a good idea not to only focus on sales and focus more of your strategy in engaging your customers and audience. For, engaging your audience positively is far more likely to win their loyalty and thereby get you long-term customers for your business – which is a better advantage in the long run.

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4 SEO Techniques To Improve The Product Page Rankings Of Ecommerce Site

ecommerce SEO

4 SEO Techniques To Improve The Product Page Rankings Of Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is a thriving industry at the moment – which is probably great news if you’re currently running or planning to start an online store for your business. However, on the flipside, how common ecommerce stores are now means that your own online store will be facing tons of competition. And that begs the question: How do you improve your product page rankings so that you’ll be found (relevantly) in search engine results for such products?

Well, the short answer is to check each of your product page’s state of SEO. And in that spirit, here are four SEO techniques you can apply to all the various web pages of your e-store:

1) Short and Relevant URLs

For each of your product pages, use as short a length of URL addresses as you can manage. Keep the URL relevant to your product, and make sure all the major keywords necessary for your product are included. (The length of the URL is important as too long URLs can become broken links when shared.)

2) Mobile Friendly Web Page

Most users use their smartphones to shop online today. So you need to make sure that your entire ecommerce site as well as each individual product page is mobile responsive in its design.

3) Include “Site Search” in Every Page

Being able to search for products within your ecommerce site is a very important feature. Hence, make sure that your site’s home page, individual products pages, contact page, etc., all have a site search [bar] facility on the web page.

4) Optimize The Page Loading Time

Optimize every page in your website so that it loads on all web browsers as quickly as possible. Because nothing can make a potential customer leave your site faster than a page that takes too long to load. A loading time of 8 seconds or less is optimum.

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