3 Tips To Stay Calm After Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Updates

3 Tips To Stay Calm After Google Algorithm Update

No internet marketer needs to be told about the significance of Google algorithms. They are immensely important for the ranking of your website and therefore, whenever the search engine giant introduces any change in the ranking algorithm, SEO experts and marketers usually go into a tizzy. Since everything is not put down in clear terms, anxiety is common but if you follow these tips, you can stay calm and also make requisite changes without any trouble.

1. Wait & Watch Before You React

There is no need to get restless because not every change calls for action on your part. So, resist the urge to jump into the agitated waters. If you are employing white hat techniques, your site will not be affected negatively. Therefore, wait for a few days and respond only if it is necessary.

2. Do Not Assume & Panic

Remember the motive of Google is to make things simpler for the users and therefore, if you have been working according to the guidelines, you will not face troubles. So, do not go into the anxiety mode and start assuming things of your own. Wait for Google to release the information and do not follow what every Tom, Dick and Harryis saying on the internet.

3. Rely On Your Own Research

Google does not always mention about the updates in its blogs. Possum, which was targeted at local SEO, is one such example. In such cases, you should rely on credible sources and your own analysis, which in turn, should be based on research from a fair number of sources as the idea is make an informed change.

Google algorithms are definitely not to be feared. As the famous scientist Marie Curie once said “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood,” there is nothing about the algorithms as well to be feared. It is only to be understood and responded, if necessary.

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SEO Bookmarklets & How They Help You?

SEO Bookmarklets & How They Help You?

SEO Bookmarklets

What are Bookmarklets?

Before we get to how awesome SEO Bookmarklets are and why you should install them, here’s a brief introduction to what Bookmarklets are in the first place: Bookmarklets are small snippets of Java code that work just like web browser Bookmarks or browser extensions, in that they provide you with links attached to your web browser which can open a certain web page on your web browser or perform a certain function on your web browser. The difference here though, is that, unlike browser extensions, Bookmarklets are much kinder to your RAM. In other words, bookmarklets won’t work on your RAM and slow down your web browser simply because they have been installed; they will only use your RAM when they are actually put to use. (Whereas, browser extensions leech onto your RAM the moment your web browser is opened, whether you actually use those particular browser extensions or not.)

As for the difference between web browser Bookmarks and Bookmarklets, the main distinction between them is that a Bookmarklet address starts with “javascript:” in its URL address, while a Bookmark has a much more traditional URL address format.

SEO Bookmarklets

SEO Bookmarklets consequently help you supercharge your website and your online brand presence when used right. And to that end, here are 3 great SEO Bookmarklets you should consider installing:

1) Broken Links Checker
Broken Links Checker gives you a detailed list of all the broken links present in the site you are are viewing.

2) Backlink Analysis
Backlink Analysis performs a backlink check and creates a subsequent report on the backlinks of the website you are viewing.

3) On-Site SEO
On-Site SEO is an all-round SEO bookmarklet and provides tons of information regarding keywords, titles, links, etc.

There are dozens of other such SEO Bookmarklets available on the Web as well, and they will easily help spruce up and monitor the status of any website’s SEO.

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How To Handle A Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates?

Google algorithm Update

How To Handle A Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates?

Generally, the SEO world sits up and takes notice when Google makes a major change in its search engine algorithm. And that’s fine: That’s what SEO experts should do. However, what happens is that people don’t just sit up and take notice; they also panic. And as anyone in business knows, to make decisions while panicking is a sure-fire way to make hasty and [often] unnecessary decisions.

So what happens is that everyone involved in SEO at some level or the other are suddenly drowned in speculations and expert SEO opinions in how to salvage their website and keep up with the changes Google has made. And while preemptive plans are a sound strategy, to integrate changes in your site and content based on mere assumptions of what Google’s latest search engine update will bring is jumping the gun.

So how should you handle it when Google makes a major new change to its search algorithm? Here’s how you can stay apace the SEO game in the most optimum fashion:

1) Stay Calm

This cannot be stressed enough: Don’t panic. Don’t make anxious decisions. Stay calm. And wait for the entire matter to settle. Because, the truth is, Google makes changes to its search engine algorithm fairly regularly. So you need to wait and watch the new search patterns in order to gauge whether a particular update is a big deal or not. Plus, it’s always better to judge such changes and their effects for yourself than depend on other people’s assumptions alone.

2) Wait for Affirmation instead of Assuming What the Changes are

Once the update has been implemented, Google itself gives everyone detailed information about the algorithm update and the changes it will invoke. So there’s absolutely no need to run around making changes based on assumptions that are just predictions at best. Worse still, what if some of the changes you preemptively made weren’t necessary or even harmful to your rankings? You’d have to revert everything back. Besides, your own research into the matter will have more validity than predictions alone.

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5 Great SEO Tools That Can Help You Optimize Your Website

SEO Tools

5 Great SEO Tools That Can Help You Optimize Your Website

Just like with any project or endeavor, your ongoing and final result will be better and more efficient if you use the right tools. And working to optimize content on the World Wide Web is no different. In fact, if you’re optimizing your website for search engines, traffic, and lead generation, then you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble by using a number of great SEO tools that are available. Here is a list of five of those SEO tools and what you can use them for with your website:

1) Feedly

Feedly is a tool that offer you one way you can keep up with SEO trends and updates for your website. Basically, you can use this tool to subscribe to popular SEO blogs and websites to keep up with the latest news and practices in SEO.


SEM RUSH is goldmine of web tools for SEO and digital marketing information. You can manage any PPC campaigns you have, analyze your competition, research keywords and find out their rankings, track your page rankings as well as your social media presence, and a whole lot more.

3) Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is what you need when you don’t want to spend all your time doing keyword research. For, with Long Tail Pro, you’ll get the entire list off all the long tail keywords, short tail keywords, and main keywords that you’ll ever need for your website.

4) Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool as the name suggests, helps you research Google ranked keywords for your website.

5) Google Analytics

Google Analytics ranks at the top of the list when it comes to Web analytical tools. And as the name suggests, it will give you all the information you’ll need regarding your Website’s traffic and other statistics, as ranked in the Google search engine.

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3 Modern SEO Best Practices For Your Business’s Success

Three Modern SEO Best Practices

3 Modern SEO Best Practices For Your Business’s Success

Modern SEO techniques are more about practices, common sense, quality, and user experience than technicalities. This is one of the main reasons why having updated and quality content for your website is constantly touted as a main SEO practice nowadays.

In that same flavor, here are three modern SEO practices you should watch out for and apply if you want to make your website and business successful:

1) Concentrate on Local SEO Optimization

Nowadays, users use the Web to find any kind of information – even information like what stores are available near them to buy a certain product, or which local restaurants in their area serve a particular kind of cuisine or provide home delivery. Hence, if you don’t want your business to miss out, make sure your website is optimized for local searches as well.

2) Use Social Media to Promote Your Website and its Content

With how vast the virtual world of the Internet is, and with the number of users it entertains every day, not advertising and promoting your website in more than one online platform can be a death-knell for your business. Hence, you also need to have social media accounts and establish a strong presence there. Then, you have to link to your website posts and updates via social media in order to get more traffic to your website content.

3) Blog Regularly to Introduce Fresh Content for Your Website

Search engines like new and fresh content. But, that also means that, if your website content is stagnant, your page will rank lower than those with newer content. Hence, the best way to keep cycling fresh content on your website is to post regular, well-researched, and quality blog posts that you can later share on social media as well. (This will also raise your keyword usage and rankings thanks to the diversity of the content.)

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How Google Analytics Helps You Evaluate Your Audience?

Audience - Google Analytics

How Google Analytics Helps You Evaluate Your Audience?

Google Analytics is free to set up. And with social media ads and marketing campaigns ruling the marketing channels right now, you will need to use Google Analytics to better evaluate your audience. Here are the two main things that you can and should use Google Analytics for in order to better understand your audience:

1) Learn the Components that Form Your Audience

Google Analytics can tell you what groups of people and what demographics actually make up your audience – like age, geographical location, gender, etc. Plus, Google Analytics not only tells you how many people and what kind of audiences actually visit your website, but it also tells you what and how such users were driven to your website in the first place. From here, analyzing your audience by age, gender, and even geo location, is the most optimum way to analyze who you are targeting and how to get more from those groups to interact with your website. You can find these kinds of data in the “Demographics” and “Geo” sections of Google Analytics (both of which can be found in the “Audience” section).

2) Learn about Your Most Effective Social Media Channels

Depending on your social media channels, the kinds of updates, posts, and ad campaigns you share, and the main purpose (i.e., product, service, or cause) of your brand, some social media channels will be more effective than others. In simpler terms, this means that some of your social media accounts can drive more traffic to your website than others. This data can be found if you click on the “Acquisition” section, then click on “All Traffic” and then “Channels”.

Finally, use this data from Google analytics to tweak and improve your social media strategy as needed or desired. (For instance, if you see Facebook’s channel as your primary referral source, focus more on that channel to attract your main type of audience to your website.)

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How to Curate Content the Right Way?

Content Curation

How to Curate Content the Right Way?

Content curation has a pretty bad rap. But that’s mostly because a lot of people have the wrong idea about how content curation is actually done. Plus, a lot of people consider curating content the same as plagiarizing content – Whereas, that’s not true at all.
Yes, curating content means using other people’s content. But it does not amount to plagiarism. Rather, when done right, you are simply using content that you know your audience will appreciate and are helping your audience find relevant content from the best sources. For example, Facebook Newsfeeds is a good example of curating content: When your friends on Facebook like, react, or engage in anyway with a link or post, they and Facebook Newsfeeds are simply giving you an opportunity to get great content. Just think: Who in your friends list do you trust to get good, reliable, and/or entertaining content in a particular niche? So when they react or engage with content or share it, they and Facebook Newsfeeds (when it shows you such links) are actually curating content themselves – and doing it right.
So, now that we’ve given you a better idea about what content curation actually means, let’s get down to how you can create curated content yourself the right way:

1) Give your own take and insights on the content. Sure, you can use good content made by others. But give your own view on it as well so that your viewers know that you know what you’re talking about.

2) Be very selective about the content you curate. After all, you’re borrowing other people’s content to show your viewers that you have taste. Being picky here is therefore a good thing.

3) Give credit where it’s due: Always attribute your sources, and – if you’re using an entire post, or video, or something similar – make sure that you link back to it.

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How To Build Better Brand Signals To Improve Search Visibility?


brand visibility

How To Build Better Brand Signals To Improve Search Visibility?

Brand visibility was a must for consumer engagement before the advent of the World Wide Web. And that is one of the aspects that have not changed even after businesses and brands moved to the online sphere. Because, in essence, consumers cannot do business with a brand if they do not know it exists. And in today’s digital age of global competition, it has become more important than ever to have your brand be adequately visible online.

Now, most likely you’ve already started spreading awareness of your brand and establishing your brand image. However, keeping up your brand visibility is an ongoing process that you can never let up on. And what ultimately determine your scope of brand visibility online is your brand signals. Ultimately, though, that’s where many brands falter. Because, the truth is, your brand signals need to have a constant and daily online presence in order to not be swallowed up in the rush of more powerful brands.

So if you’ve managed to reach the first search page with your main keywords, here are two must-do habits you must adopt to make sure you stay there:

1) Never Stop Producing Quality Content

Every brand has a subject area that they’re known for (or want to be known for). And you have to regularly produce quality content related to these subjects in order to keep up your range of brand signals online. Expert content and information is always welcomed by the Internet. And if your brand is tied to such content, you’re keeping yourself well on the radar.

2) Have A Strong Social Media Presence

Your brand should have accounts in multiple social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). And you have to share content practically every day in order to maintain your level of brand visibility. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be your original content. Simply share other content (with due credit) that your followers will enjoy, and meeting your brand signal quota for the day.

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3 Tips For Recovery Of Penalized Websites

Recovery of Penalized Website

3 Tips For Recovery of Penalized Websites

In all honesty, the methods an SEO expert has to implement to help a website recover from being penalized and gaining low ranks on search engines, is actually pretty similar to what the Search Engine Optimizer has to do to optimize a website and improve its search rankings.

This is because the methods that will help a website recover from its penalties are the SEO methods that should have been applied to the website in the first place. For, even though the new search algorithm is what is heating the seat under website owners to revamp their site’s SEO, the truth is that search engines have always gone after (and hoped for) quality content in their results. The only quirk was that, before now, many websites got into the top listings mainly because they applied a number of SEO tricks rather than focusing on quality content.

Of course, you are welcome to use SEO tricks to improve your search rankings. But that was supposed to have been done to supplement quality content in your website. Not in replacement of it.

So, if you’re working on a website to help it recover from its penalties, here are some SEO steps you should implement quickly:

1) Optimize Your Website For User Experience

Search engines take user-attitudes as law when it comes to a website. So the first thing you should do is check if your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. If not, revamp the UX design pronto!

2) Audit Your Website

Do a thorough audit of your website, and remove any spammy links, fix any broken links, and get rid of any poor quality or unoriginal content.

3) Generate Good Content

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the bad eggs stinking up your site, try to replace them with good quality, original content, and authentic links.

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3 Reasons Why Good User Experience Is Now An Essential Aspect For Effective SEO


3 Reasons  Why Good User Experience Is Now An Essential Aspect For Effective SEO

The truth is, for practically any kind of information now, users turn to the World Wide Web. And then they’re spoilt for choice. Hence, in this information-driven age, what websites and brands need to focus on in order to generate better web traffic and loyal customers, is quality, relevance, and, of course, user experience.

User Experience, or UX, is now a key factor in determining whether a website’s marketing and SEO methods are effective or not. And here’s why:

1) Search Engines Now Rank Websites Based On User Experience Metrics

Search engines focus on the user’s views and positive experiences on websites more than anything else now. Hence, users’ usage data on a website – that is, amount of time spent on the web page or website, entry rate, exit rate, etc. – are what search engines are predominantly focusing on in order to rank web pages. And poor user experience – whether the content is valid or not – is one of the top reasons a user will abandon perusing a website.

2) Better User Experience Leads To Better Conversion Rates

Consider, for example, that you are an ecommerce site. You might have great products and discounts; but if your website is poorly organized, and the users who visit your site find it tiresome to navigate through your online store, it’s more than likely they’ll leave the store to shop somewhere else. Hence, it won’t matter how strongly you’ve marketed your brand and website. Poor UX can defeat all the benefits in no time flat. However, good UX can keep your customers coming back, thereby resulting in better conversion rates.

3) Good UX Gains A Brand Repeat Customers & Loyal Customers

Make no mistake: Your website’s appearance, design, proper maintenance, quality content, and ease of navigation and user experience is what will decide a customer’s impression about your brand. Hence, provide quality and relevant content for your visitors to peruse, and a good user experience for them on your website, and you’re much more likely to gain repeat visitors and loyal customers.

So, if your website’s UX needs a makeover, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you revamped it immediately. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai @+91-8451924760 or yogesh@seofreelancermumbai.in Now!