3 Tips How Email Lists & Newsletters can Increase Site Traffic

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3 Tips How Email Lists & Newsletters can Increase Site Traffic

Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing tools that have been used by businesses for long. However, due to the growing popularity of social media, it seems to have taken a backseat. If you also think that it is losing its relevance, you are quite mistaken. It is still effective and will remain so in future as well. As per a McKinsey report, it is 40 times more effective than social media and also leads to 3 times more sales than social media.

Email lists and newsletters are economical, fast and interactive. They offer a solid foundation for marketing and also play a key role in increasing site traffic. Here is how

1.They Have A Wider Reach

Emails/newsletters give you the option to include share and forward buttons in your messages which means you can easily get your subscribers to bring more visitors to your site. You can then offer these new visitors sign up forms and turn them into subscribers/customers.

2.They Are Easy To Track & Measure

The best part about emails/newsletters is that they let you measure click through rate, conversation rate and other variables which aids further research and you can modify your marketing efforts to bring more visitors. The findings of the email marketing data offer great insights into users’ behavior.

3.They Integrate Well With Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great tool to boost your traffic and following. The good news is that emails/newsletters integrate well with the former. You can add social media icons in the mails which, when shared and forwarded, result in more traffic to your social media page as well as site/blog. Also email gated social media content like contests, webinars, coupons and quizzes help to strengthen the email list and gain more subscribers.

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3 Benefits of Integrated Media & SEO

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3 Benefits of Integrated Media & SEO

Ever since the advent of online marketing, SEO has played a key role in its success. Despite the continuous and fast evolution of internet marketing, it has still maintained its relevance. The rules of search engines have changed and so have their algorithms but SEO has managed to keep pace with the changes. It still forms an integral part of online marketing with the only difference that marketers have begun to align it with overall marketing strategy which includes social media, PPC, content marketing and offline marketing strategies. You would be surprised to know about the benefits of integrated media campaigns inclusive of SEO.

1.It maximizes your online presence

When a business is on all the platforms such as social media andin search engines results, it automatically gets better recognition and attention. Integrated marketing establishes you everywhere, thereby, creating a solid web presence which leads to more traffic and conversions.

2.It builds trust among audience and enhances your brand value

When you appear in organic search engine results, paid results and social media searches simultaneously, the users are bound to believe in your competence and credibility. It helps to grow you as a brand and also brings more customers/sales for your business.

3.It makes the marketing task easier as you can leverage the overlapping activities

The different internet marketing tools have many common threads which the marketing team can use to get better results and reduce their workload. For example, keyword search is as much a part of SEO as it is about social media because the latter is also a kind of search engine. User behavior data is needed for email marketing as well as content marketing.

In short, integrated media marketing is the need of the hour. It gives better results in comparison to standalone strategies. Another name for systematic and seamless approach, you really need to integrate with it.

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Blogging: The Oft Underappreciated Yet Essential Online Marketing Technique


Blogging: The Oft Underappreciated Yet Essential Online Marketing Technique

Between podcasting and PPC and practicing various other SEO techniques, blogging as an online marketing technique is something most online marketers have avoided, or have simply pushed to the sidelines to handle “later”.

However, the truth is, no SEO technique (or a whole battalion of SEO techniques) is going to be a replacement for good content. In fact, if you run a website, or are even running someone else’s website for them, you should know and remember that SEO techniques are merely methods to make the content you have more easily found on search engines. But there’s no use for support systems if there is nothing to support. And that “something” to support is content.

Of course, you probably already set up your main website content. This is perfectly fine and also necessary. But, Google’s search engine will only notice you, and keep noticing you, if you have new, fresh, and regular content constantly updating on your web domains. And this is where maintaining a blog will help immensely.

In addition to this, you’d be doing yourself a favor by blogging: Blog posts can give you the freedom to be more informal, and they can be used to give detailed information on various topics related to your website that you might not have been able to fit in anywhere else. Blogs are also interactive domains, and will hence give you a more direct connection with your readers too. Also, it give you an easy way to gauge (through likes, ratings, etc.) what kind of content your audience is more attracted to too. Plus, it’s an easy way to get feedback as well.

Whatever the case though, in 2016’s content-oriented approach, you might well not be able to do without blogging if you want to maintain and improve your online presence.

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Why Quizzes Are a Better Than Webinars?


Why Quizzes Are a Better Than Webinars?

If you’re a fan of Webinars, don’t fret. Webinars still have their place on your website. Just don’t use them for online marketing purposes and you’re as good as gold.

The fact is, while Webinars were a great thing in the past, in today’s world of fast-paced movement, Webinars are rather slow and irritating. And here’s why:

Webinars have to be viewed live

Everyone has a schedule, and everyone is busy nowadays. So, can you consider how irritating it would be to fix a time in their schedule for your website’s webinar with no hope of being able to juggle it? Now, the webinar might have been a priority if you were a having a specialized meeting that everyone saw why they must attend, or if you were hosting a training session or class that your viewers had signed up for. But for marketing purposes? To expand your brand’s awareness? Nope. Your webinar will not be a priority in that case.

A marketing related webinar is a generalized session

The truth is, your marketing related webinar is probably giving a bunch of different viewers (both those whom you invited and those who finally attend) a very generalized piece of information that they might have never opted to look or otherwise. Your information is most likely to be generic, or something that only remotely touches on your many individual viewers’ specialized interests. Hence, unless you have incredible skills as an orator and are capable of keeping your audience hanging on to every word, you’ll lose most of them within the first minute.

How quizzes are more effective

Quizzes are bite-sized pieces of info with options that audiences simply have to click on to choose one. Plus, they can take it any time they want and can skim through the quiz quickly. It’s great for you as well as you get the information you require without all the setup a webinar would have needed.

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Why You Should Not Consider Email Marketing A Relic Of The Past

Email Marketing

Why You Should Not Consider Email Marketing A Relic Of The Past

With Social media, websites, online directories, podcasts, and a whole host of other marketing resources available online, it is little wonder that the “email” source of online marketing has long been pushed to the sidelines. However, if you think emails no longer have any relevance in the world of web marketing, then you’d be dead wrong. And here’s why:

Emails are Primarily Text Oriented

Now, at first glance, this might seem like a reason to not use email marketing as a technique rather than to use it. After all, when integrated media – and visual media particularly – is the trend and go-to Internet feature of the century, emails are obviously not up to scratch.
However, the fact is, a lot of people would actually be relieved to only have to deal with text for once. They’re bombarded with visual and audio messages throughout the day, most likely. And, having to sometimes only deal with text to read through can be a much-needed break. Besides, ever tried to watch a video or download an image with slower Internet speed than usual? It is annoying! And if you have to deal with buffering or half loaded images, chances are likely that you’ll simply skip the content altogether. And the same is true for your audience. Emails are much more reliable route in this particular aspect of content distribution.

Emails are Checked Constantly

The truth is, although emails are less glamorous nowadays, there’s hardly a single business or individual out there without an email address. And, emails are usually checked multiple times a day or at least once a day by most. This means, your marketing message has a higher chance of being seen in an email than anywhere else.

Your Email ID is Stored for Future Reference

When was the last time you added a contact manually to your email account? Not recently, we’re guessing. And though this is a not-oft talked about feature, the fact is, unless your email is stored as spam (and if it is, you’re marketing technique definitely needs and overhaul), your contact email will automatically be stored in your recipients’ accounts.

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Social Media Marketing: A Boon For Entrepreneurs With Limited Resources

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing: A Boon For Entrepreneurs With Limited Resources

The trickiest part about being an entrepreneur and creating and managing a startup – especially in the initial stages – is the limited amount of funds that one has to deal with. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve already gained investors or have family money backing you up. For, you’ll always have too much to spend on and decisions to make on what you can do without. And, considering that there will be no startup or customers without a product or service, it is obvious why most new entrepreneurs will opt for focusing on their product or service and leave their marketing budget for much later.

However, the beauty of the Internet age is that there are not only a lot of resources available now that are dead cheap (compared to traditional resources) but that there are also a lot of resources available online now that are absolutely free. And social media is one of the richest (and free-est) online marketing resources any entrepreneur could possibly use.

Of course, there’s a paid aspect to social media sites too. But that is completely optional. On the other hand, social media websites are primarily free and all you need to do is set up an account that is connected to your online platform and business in a number of social media websites (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any and many other such websites) in order to reap the benefits.

After that, all you have to do is make sure you manage the accounts regularly (we would suggest that you hire someone to manage these accounts, but we’re focusing on the “free” factor of social media marketing in this article) and that you ensure every new blog post, offer, promotion, press release, or any kind of worthwhile information related to your business is automatically posted and shared on your social media accounts.

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What You Haven’t Been Told About Using Backlinks For SEO

SEO Backlinks

What You Haven’t Been Told About Using Backlinks For SEO

Chances are that you’ve already seen the recent debate about using backlinks for SEO in 2016: While some declare that Google no longer cares about whether or not you use backlinks and that it makes no difference, still others insist that backlinks are definitely a must have to boost your web rankings on Google.

Well, here’s what those debates haven’t clarified yet:

One –  yes, backlinks are still useful for SEO and you shouldn’t do away with them; just make sure your content is of good to high quality as well and that backlinks aren’t your only claim to Google search fame.

Two –  when using backlinks, what you need are backlinks from a number of different web domains in order for Google to take interest; not a bunch of backlinks from the same domain.

In other words, using backlinks as an SEO technique will be effective only if you have backlinks from many different domains. But, instead, even if you have 50 or more backlinks from the same domain, you’re not going to catch any of the benefits. In fact, having backlinks to three different web domains will be 20 times more effective for SEO than having 10 backlinks from the same web domain.

So now comes the important question: How does one get these backlinks from different web domains? Well, the short answer is good quality content (and yes, we have now come full circle by mentioning quality content again). Because, folks, the truth is, nothing is ever going to beat or replace good quality content. Any other SEO technique you use – whether one or many – are simply only going to be enhancements.

Still, once you’ve got the content, remember this backlink detail about using different domains in order to get the best results from this technique.

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How & Why Infographic Can Raise Your Web Traffic?


How & Why Infographic Can Raise Your Web Traffic?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” goes the old saying. And that holds true even today, it seems. For recent statistics have shown that using infographics on a website can as much as double the website’s traffic!

Now of course, the key term here is “infographic”. So it doesn’t mean that any old photograph or image can cause the same rise in web traffic: The image has to specifically and clearly impart some kind of information to the viewer. Plus, it also means that you shouldn’t fall into the old trap of concentrating more on the graphics than the actual information you’re trying to convey. (The “info” does come before the “graphics” in the term as well, you know. So keep that in mind if you need help to be clear on your priorities while creating infographics.)

The How:

“The how” is in the way infographics appear on search engines: Google automatically ranks graphics higher as they’ve already learned their users prefer them. However, do note that your infographic will have the best impact only if you accompany it with relevant, explanatory text. Because, when Google finds your image, even the textual portion of the image will just be registered as an “image”. So it’s the accompanying text from which Google will pull relevant content and keywords.

The Why:

“The why” is a little more obvious; as in, “why do infographics help improve web traffic”: The plain fact is that humans, generally, process visual information much faster than audial or textual information. So people are more inclined to look at infographics than plain text. And if you do the smart thing and accompany your infographics with relevant content that explains the infographic even further and in detail, you’ll get happier, more satisfied users and, consequently, much better web traffic.

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Top 2 Black Hat SEO Strategies To Avoid

blackhat seo

Top 2 Black Hat SEO Strategies To Avoid

“Black Hat SEO”, as the terminology implies, is the direct contradiction to “White Hat SEO”. And as such, Black Hat SEO is the term often used for unethical SEO practices.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is usually used by people who only aim for short-term benefits or short-term financial gain from their websites. The main aim of Black Hat SEO practitioners is to drive as much traffic to their website as possible in the shortest amount of time. So their content is often plagiarized or absolutely useless – and that’s not even considering whether or not the content is utterly irrelevant to what the user wants. Read more

Top 5 Off-Page SEO Tips To Improve Your Website’s Visibility

Off Page SEO Tips

Top 5 Off-Page SEO Tips To Improve Your Website’s Visibility

When it comes to SEO, it’s often the case that most overlook off-page SEO while concentrating on on-page SEO. And while on-page SEO techniques are undoubtedly important, off-page SEO practices are no less so. So if you haven’t delved into the realm of off-page SEO yet for your website, here are five common yet great off-page SEO techniques to get you started in a big way: Read more