3 Possible Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Attracting Links?

Content & Backlinks

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Attracting Links?

Consider this: You’ve got the content and you’re faithfully posting regular and relevant topics every week that lines up with the niche of your site. That’s good. But, you also aren’t getting any backlinks to your content. And considering that backlinks can really amp up your SERP rating, this is not so good. But, you also have no idea why you’re not attracting links, and you don’t know what you might be able to do about it.

If you think the above situation is similar to your own, then this article is for you. It deals with three common reasons why certain content doesn’t seem to be attracting links and what one can do to possibly rectify this:

1) Problem: Your Content is Irrelevant

Understand that a lot of your content might very well have gotten irrelevant over time. And consequently, it won’t garner your audience’s interest anymore as the information provided in your content is irrelevant. (Also, even if your content is relevant, make sure that it is clear, easy to understand, and well-structured.)


Check your old posts. Update the information in it so that it is relevant and ensure that it’s checked and fixed for any flaws. Also, when creating new content, ensure that your topics are relevant and well-written.

2) Problem: Your Content isn’t Promoted Enough

Maybe you’re not promoting your content on social media enough. Or perhaps you’ve ignored sharing your old content on social media because it was shared months or years ago. Well, how will people find your content if you don’t promote it?


Always, always promote your posts on social media. And often. Even if you’re re-sharing old content multiple times on numerous social media sites, do it. Flaunt your content so people can find it.

3) Problem: You’re Asking the Wrong Niches or Websites for Backlinks

You’ve approached many websites for backlinks but have come up empty despite your efforts.


Consider that maybe you’re looking at the wrong niches and websites for your content, or that you’re creating the wrong kind of content for your niche. And then either find the right niche sites for your content or re-structure your content to fit those websites’ niche.

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3 Simple Guidelines For Creating Valuable Video Content

Video Content

3 Simple Guidelines For Creating Valuable Video Content

Videos are all the rage now. And it’s well-known that Google quite frankly loves videos. Plus, the best part about marketing with videos today is that you don’t need a feature length film – or even a ten-minute video. Two minutes of video time will do just as well, as long as you clearly get your point across in that time. In fact, oftentimes with video content, the motto to consider is “the shorter the better.”
But that’s enough about videos in general. We’re here to talk about what you need to keep in mind to create good videos: that is, video content that is actually valuable to your audience and/or clients. And for that, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1) Answer the questions that are important to your audience/clients

People generally flock to videos mainly for two broad purposes: For information, or for entertainment (or both). So, when you make a video, make sure there is a purpose to it: Answer questions your viewers might have. Give them information on something you know they want. Don’t just talk about yourself or your business. Answer the questions that are important to your viewers.

2) Create a concept calendar for your videos

However lofty your goals are, don’t expect creativity and inspiration on tap. You’ll need to plan the concepts. And it’s a good idea to have a list of questions that you’ll work on for each video (for multiple posts). Inspiration won’t strike you as you please, so a calendar-based plan is necessary – even if you’re only posting videos once in a fortnight.

3) Make entire batches of videos

Even if a video is only two minutes long, you’ll likely take around half-an-hour to create it and upload it. And you’re not going to have the time every day. So, set aside a day or two in a week to produce multiple such videos (say 10 to 20 two-minute videos?) and then schedule them for posting/uploading based on your planned calendar.
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How To Host A Blab From Your Smartphone?


How To Host A Blab From Your Smartphone?

Blab is a live video hosting application that allows its users to record and broadcast live videos of whatever they wish. Blab users have the option to record their videos and save them for future use, and also decide whether or not other people can sit in on the live video.

Creating and recording a live video on Blab via your smartphone is a relatively easy feat – as long as you have a pretty good idea what you’re going to record. (After all, don’t forget that you’re going to broadcast this live. There won’t be any chances for do-overs and edits before you broadcast this for your followers.)

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) First and foremost, you’ll need a Blab account. And, while it’s possible for you to create an account from scratch, it’s usually suggested that you use your Twitter account to log in. This way, you can share your video to your followers on Twitter.

2) Once you log in, you’ll instantly see a list of those you follow as well as live videos on air. However, this is about hosting your on Blab. So your attention should be on the “+” button on the top of your screen. Just click that button to start creating and hosting your Blab video.

3) Give your Blab video a name when prompted, and add appropriate tags as well.

4) Now, before you begin, first decide whether you want call-ins or not while you shoot your video. If you do, leave the seats open. If not, lock the seats.

5) Next, you need people to know your hosting a Blab, so notify your followers by clicking on the “Share” button and share your link via the sharing options available.

6) Now you can go on air and start your Blab video. If you’ve left seats open, you’ll be able to see whose joined in. And, you’ll also be able to see any conversations regarding your video as and when they happen.

And now you’re all set. Happy Blabbing! Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai @+91-8451924760 Now!

3 Tips To Get Backlinks With Guestographics


3 Tips To Get Backlinks With Guestographics

A guestographic is a kind of semi-abbreviation/term referring to a formula that’s become a popular and effective SEO tactic to get backlinks to one’s site –

Great Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links

And this “formula” is used to create great infographics on one’s website in order to drive traffic and generate backlinks.

However, there’s a method to it. And it doesn’t just entail putting an infographic together. Design, content, and layout are key elements in creating an effective guestographic, as well as the other factors that go into generally encouraging backlinks to your site.

So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know to create a kick-ass infographic and get backlinks from it:

1) Create an Infographic on a Relevant Topic with Relevant Content

Yes, there are evergreen topics that you may possibly get away generating content on till the end of time. But that in no way means you have to say the same thing over and over again. Give a fresh perspective on that topic; include some new tips. Evergreen content should not make you lazy.

And, if you’re not writing on an “always-relevant” topic, then make sure the topic you do choose is fresh, engaging, relevant, and with top-notch content.

2) Present Focused Information on a Logical Layout

Keep your infographic data to around 7 to 10 points or less. For too much information can overwhelm the audience and fall short even if it’s great. And then, once you’ve focussed on your stream-lined data, organize it logically on the infographic (i.e., with the best content at the top, and an interesting conclusion at the end, followed by your sources.)

3) E-mail Potential Candidates About Your Infographic

Now comes the clincher: Search for and email website portals relevant to your guestographic’s information and invite them to share your infographic. And, also add the invite to offer to do a mini-post on the topic as well.

Chances are, if your infographic is interesting and well done, they’ll get back to you and take up your offer for that free mini-post, thus providing you the links to their site. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai @+91-8451924760 or yogesh@seofreelancermumbai.in Now!

How To Get Quick Wins In SEO & Content Marketing?

SEO & Content Marketing

How To Get Quick Wins In SEO & Content Marketing?

To get right to the point: There are two ways which will acquire you such quick wins when it comes to content marketing and SEO. However, be warned that they are not a technical consideration like researching keywords and posting on social media (though these strategies are certainly applied in the process).

For, the truth is, no matter how well you research keywords and how optimally you utilize social media sites, establishing your brand will still be a long and relentless process. And, if your content or product/service isn’t up to scratch, all your efforts will come to nothing in the long run.

Now, the goal here is not just to get one-time clicks of curiosity, but to keep those who click on your site coming back for more. And in order to do that, here are two basic strategies that you must implement:

Understand Your Audience’s Interests and Needs:

These might seem relatively straightforward. But too many trot over the thorough research phase and skip this important aspect of SEO. Or, even if they do devote a good amount of time to research, they soon think they’ve gained enough information or get distracted by other data to analyse (The Internet being the information overload that it is, it’s understandable, but it’s also detrimental to effective content strategies).

The thing is, how will you attract your audience (and keep them) unless your content is something they feel they need and are interested in? And that should be the basis for all your content generation strategies. For, if you attract them with your content, and then keep producing such content, then you’re much more likely to attract more users and also keep them returning to your site.

Fulfill a Need for Your Audience that Your Competitors Do Not:

Now that you know what your users need and want, it’s time to check out how your competitors are filling those holes – and which holes they are not filling. And then, you need to tackle one of those unfulfilled needs yourself – which will, of course, get you increased and better user engagement.

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How To Begin Constructing A Persona For Link Building & Social Media?

Social Link Building Persona

How To Begin Constructing A Persona For Link Building & Social Media?

When you’re designing and constructing a persona for your brand, first get the details of that persona right before you launch it. After all, this persona of yours on social media and the like is going to act like your brand’s ambassador, so it also needs to appear as an authority in the content that this persona is going to market online.

So, before you launch into this strategy, here’s what you should first cover in order to construct an effective persona:

1) Create A Unique Identity With A Target Audience

First and foremost, your persona needs a unique identity of its own. And the first thing you need to do is choose what niche of content this persona is going to involve itself in – and then what the major topics of that niche are. For example, if your persona is handling a brand in the fashion industry, you will definitely have to cover topics that are trending with the majority of this niche’s target audience. (E.g., topics on fashion design, new fashion trends, e-fashion, DIY, fashion technology, and the like.) Basically, you have to focus on the topics that will attract the majority share of readers in this niche. And this means that you have to create a voice and style for this persona as well.
Basically, your job will be alike to an image consultant’s.

2) Create A Social Identity For Your Persona Online

Once you’ve assigned your persona its target, get working on the other details that can make it an active member on social media sites – that is, decide and create the persona’s name, job title, area of expertise, profile pictures, and its various social media profile pages.

3) Develop Your Persona To Be An Effective Content Ambassador

After creating your persona, you have to develop their reputation and “real-ness”. And there are many ways you can accomplish that. For one, you can hire, rent, and borrow freelancers’ identities who have a solid reputation in your field. (Or you can hire writers and editors to write the content as well.) For another, you can use the CEO or other high-ranking official (who is part of the brand your persona’s marketing) to act as a foundation for the persona. Or, you can create and develop an entire persona from scratch.

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How To Launch A Website That Others Will Want To Link?

Website Content

How To Launch A Website That Others Will Want To Link?

Being a new website in this age of digital media explosion can be tough. For one thing, it’s likely you have a lot of competition in your niche. And for another, if you’re new and your competitors are not, that means they’ll be considered more of an authority in that niche than you are.

Don’t fret though. There are still ways to ensure that your website rapidly grows and can attract those who want to link to your content. And here are some great ways on how you can achieve that:

1)Be Creative

You may offer content to a niche others have more experience with. But you can still catch people’s eye if you use new, innovative, and creative ways to present those ideas on your website. Or instance, since videos are the new rage online right now, consider posting video content to support (or in tandem with) your text content. Or else, offer a free too or offer on your website that users will want to use.
Whatever you choose, being creative will always get you noticed.

2)Be Extensive

One way to prove to users that you are an authority in your niche is to give extensive details in your content. Sure, bite-sized pieces of content are fine sometimes, and is even preferable if you churn out regular pieces of content. But don’t underestimate the power of details in looking like an authority to be reckoned with in your field. So whether your content is large or small, be a stickler for the details and give the extensive information on the subject that other sites haven’t yet bothered with.

3)Be Keyword-Savvy

There are many web tools out there – both free and paid – that can help you find keywords related to your niche. Well, use them. Find a good batch (maybe 15 to 20?) of major and minor “exact” keywords in your niche, along with longtails (keywords in your niche with low competition), and then use them in both information giving content (e.g., how to, tips, etc.) and action-related content (e.g., buy, sign up, etc.).

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7 Viral Marketing Strategies

viral marketing

7 Viral Marketing Strategies

With so much of action taking place in the web arena every day, it is quite a challenge to grab the eyeballs. Nevertheless, it becomes easier if you employ viral marketing strategies. They are aimed at getting you visitors in droves and tailor made to make you top the charts. So, here is a low-down on the much-treasured recipes.

1.Rich Content

Valuable content is the backbone of viral marketing. Hence, it should be data driven, rich in information, packed with compelling visuals, infographics and topical in nature.

2.Optimum Sharing on Social Media Through Call To Action

Viral marketing is best done on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. And to get ahead, you should have the social media buttons along with a cool slogan in those places where click rate is highest.

3.Word of Mouth Publicity Through Influencers

The experts in your niche can make your rich content go viral by giving it a reference on their site. So, reach out to them. Make requests through mails or contact them directly.

4.Finding Place in Bloggersn Newsletters

This one is tough but if you can create content that will be useful to their readers without sounding promotional then it becomes easier to get featured.

5.Utilize The Power of Pinterest & Reddit

These two need special mention because they have huge potential. The former is useful when you have charming visuals/images and the latter when you have news related content.

6.Try Stumbleupon’s Paid Discovery

Social media sharing is super easy with Stumbleupon because its users are game for sharing. Also, you can make use of its paid discovery tool that comes quite cheap, $0.10 per page view. Use it for the few days when you are promoting your super rich content.

7.Sustaining the Viral Effect

This one is quite important and you should work on making readers sign up for newsletters, garnering likes and follows as soon as the viral effect spreads its wings. Update your content, if need be, with keywords and focus on getting backlinks from blogs in your fraternity.

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3 Tips For Professional SEO Link Building

Professional link building

3 Tips For Professional SEO Link Building

Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It boosts your website traffic and also enhances your online reputation in a credible manner. Google loves it and rewards you generously when it comes to ranking. But the trick to mastering this aspect lies in being professional. This is to say that you cannot only depend on black hat techniques. Search engines will penalize you heavily. So, be professional and resort to white techniques as they bring good quality back links that will benefit your site profusely in the short run as well as long run. And what are those white hat techniques for professional SEO link building? Here is the answer.

1.Create valuable and compelling content

Good content is cherished by readers, search engines as well as rival sites. If you focus on infusing your content with infographics, data, creative inputs and insightful details then you are bound to get links from other sites and blogs. So, research well, express ideas in a lucid style and present your content in an attractive manner with appropriate visuals.

2.Share with experts

Merely having good content is not enough. You have to make sure that the experts from your field give it a thumbs up. And for this, you need to share your content with them. Follow them on social networks, comment on their blog posts and if it is possible, you can also ask them to do guest blogging and vice versa.

3.Make your readers your SEO Agents

Your content will get best publicity if you make provision for readers to link back to your posts. This is easily possible with social sharing buttons that you can embed at the end or starting of your posts. Try to engage your readers into discussions and they will feel more inclined to mention you on other sites and social networks.

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Why You Should Consider Podcasting to Improve Site Traffic?


Why You Should Consider Podcasting to Improve Site Traffic?

Now, if you’re someone used to creating videos or even live video recordings to broadcast online on a regular basis, chances are that you lost interest in this post as soon as you saw the title. Well, just hang back a bit and read for a minute before you decide to skip this article, because there is definitely something here to note for the ardent vlogger as well.

First, let’s get past the basic introductions: A podcast is a digital audio file that you create and post online. In other words, while blogs consist of text and image based posts (for the major part), and vlogs consist of video posts, podcasts are basically audio blogs.

The world might be more visually driven than ever before, but never underestimate the power of audio. For a lot of people out there are happy to have something interesting to listen to while they commute, take a walk, or even while waiting in a queue. And when it comes to improving your online presence and SEO, podcasts are a great way to improve site traffic – sometimes even better than videos and images – and here’s why:

●Podcasts use up less Internet speed and less digital storage space than videos usually do, which makes downloading podcasts a simple and easy process.

●Podcasts, of course, can be downloaded and listened to at any time at the convenience of the user. But what really still keeps podcasts popular is that it frees your eyesto concentrate on other tasks – such as driving or cooking. And this is an advantage over text, imagery, and video content. Consequently, since podcasts only need one of the five human senses to work, it does not distract users as much as visual content.

Hence, the only real requirement one needs when developing a podcast is that you develop content for your podcasts that interests your targeted online audience. And if you past that hurdle, podcasts will do a great job at increasing your site traffic by spades.

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