4 SEO Techniques To Improve The Product Page Rankings Of Ecommerce Site

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4 SEO Techniques To Improve The Product Page Rankings Of Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is a thriving industry at the moment – which is probably great news if you’re currently running or planning to start an online store for your business. However, on the flipside, how common ecommerce stores are now means that your own online store will be facing tons of competition. And that begs the question: How do you improve your product page rankings so that you’ll be found (relevantly) in search engine results for such products?

Well, the short answer is to check each of your product page’s state of SEO. And in that spirit, here are four SEO techniques you can apply to all the various web pages of your e-store:

1) Short and Relevant URLs

For each of your product pages, use as short a length of URL addresses as you can manage. Keep the URL relevant to your product, and make sure all the major keywords necessary for your product are included. (The length of the URL is important as too long URLs can become broken links when shared.)

2) Mobile Friendly Web Page

Most users use their smartphones to shop online today. So you need to make sure that your entire ecommerce site as well as each individual product page is mobile responsive in its design.

3) Include “Site Search” in Every Page

Being able to search for products within your ecommerce site is a very important feature. Hence, make sure that your site’s home page, individual products pages, contact page, etc., all have a site search [bar] facility on the web page.

4) Optimize The Page Loading Time

Optimize every page in your website so that it loads on all web browsers as quickly as possible. Because nothing can make a potential customer leave your site faster than a page that takes too long to load. A loading time of 8 seconds or less is optimum.

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