How Clickbait Content Works?

clickbait content

How Clickbait Content Works?

First of all, let’s clarify the question of “What is clickbait?” Well, in general terms, clickbait is simply content that seems sensational and interesting and is mainly crafted to induce a large number of Web users to visit a particular site. In other terms, clickbait is just content with creative headlines that will induce users to click on the link for more information – and thereby visit the website that the clickbait content is posted on.

In these terms, clickbait is pretty innocent. After all, creative journalism is certainly not a fault. However, the problems with clickbait started when it was used to simply post large spans of unnecessary and generally useless content on the Web, and then entice Web users to read them. Worse still, such content was usually poorly written and factually incorrect – and sometimes not very related to what the headline of the content hinted at.

Again, creativity isn’t a bad thing. And information – no matter how trivial – might very well be found useful to one party or another. But incorrect information? Or information completely unrelated to the content’s headline? That’s misdirection. And unless done by a magician, it is very annoying. Even worse, most sites hire writers to write clickbait content in order to remotely link some of their content that is only obscurely related to the topic. And hence, it became a form of buying backlinks to one’s site.

However, as with any shady strategy, Web users have wised up and no longer get attracted to clickbait content. In fact, with all the similarly provocative clickbait titles that have been flitting about, it’s now very easy for a reader to sense when a title is just leading them to useless content. So in short, the clickbait strategy simply doesn’t work anymore. (Thankfully!) Plus, if your website tends to use clickbait content too much, then Internet audiences generally start steering clear of such content and websites – which is no good for that website’s search rankings or its traffic ratings.

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