AdWords or SEO?

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AdWords or SEO?

You mention search engine marketing and the first thing that comes to your mind is SEO and then comes Google AdWord.
Both of them are integral for the success of any digital marketing campaign but often web masters find themselves in a dilemma as to which to prefer.
Well, both have their merits and should be used in collaboration. But there are certain facts that you must know about both.
So, first we tell you the details about SEO.


1. SEO is a tool that gives organic results which are long lasting. The traffic gained via SEO increases slowly and is free.
2. SEO is targeted at few keywords and works for all search engines.
3. SEO takes longer to wield results but once traffic is captured, the gains continue over time.
4. It is difficult to measure the ROI on SEO.

Coming to AdWord –

This Google tool has the following characteristics.
1. AdWord gives quick results and the traffic comes at a cost.
2. You can target lots of keywords through one AdWord campaign.
3. You can easily measure the ROI on AdWord.
4. It works for Google sites and websites that use Google AdSense.

Now that you are aware of the characteristics of SEO as well as AdWord, you can understand their merits in a much better way.
As for usage, it has been already said that they work in conjugation.
However, it has been seen that AdWord works well for startups and new ventures as getting traffic as well as customers is a priority.
However, this tool should be handled carefully otherwise the payoffs might not be in your favor. As for SEO, it is important for all ventures and should be consistently followed as per the modern practices that have arrived on the scene.

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