A Step-Wise Guide To Creating Facebook Loop Giveaways

facebook loop giveaway

A Step-Wise Guide To Creating Facebook Loop Giveaways

A Loop Giveaway on Facebook is a great way to gain more likes and interactions on your Facebook page. And you even expand your reach to other businesses audiences through your collaboration with them.
Here are all the vital steps to creating a Loop Giveaway on Facebook:

Step 1 – Plan your Loop Giveaway

Decide which businesses you want to collaborate with, what (equal) prize value you want each page to allot for their giveaway, the dates (i.e., start and end dates), time, and duration of the giveaway, and the order in which the loop should flow (i.e., which business page comes after which).

Step 2 – Invite Other Businesses to Join Your Loop Giveaway

Once you have a plan, invite the businesses you’ve picked to be part of your Loop Giveaway on Facebook with clear explanations on what they can expect and what they are required to do and commit.

Step 3 – Give Instructions to Pages that have Agreed to Participating

Give them all the info they will need regarding the Loop Giveaway (such as the order of the loop, the start and end times and dates, how to schedule the post, etc.). Also, ensure beforehand that they’ve set up a scheduled post for when the Loop Giveaway should begin. In fact, it’s a good idea to send a screenshot of your own scheduled post and ask for theirs. For, it is imperative that the loop is live on all collaborating Facebook pages at the same time. (Ensure that collaborating pages also set these posts up as “Pins” on their Facebook pages for the duration of the Facebook Loop Giveaway.)

Step 4 – Promote the Facebook Loop Giveaway from the Moment it Goes Live

For the entire duration of the Facebook Loop Giveaway, from the moment it goes live, you’ll need to promote the event in every way you can. Send emails to your email list, post it on Twitter, your personal Facebook page, Instagram, and every other place you can manage on social media. For, the more people that see your event and participate, the more successful it will be.

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