A Step-Wise Guide On Setting Up “Shop” on Facebook

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A Step-Wise Guide On Setting Up “Shop” on Facebook

Thanks to Facebook’s adaptable features and settings for business, Facebook page owners can do a lot to promote their business page and brand right on Facebook. In fact, thanks to Facebook’s “Shop” section, small businesses can now set up an online store of their own right on their Facebook page. Before, the best one could do was add a “Shop Now” button on their Facebook page that linked users to the brand’s e-store on another website. But now, in addition to that button, Facebook page owners can create a shop section on their page too.

So, if you’re looking to showcase and sell your products via your Facebook page’s Shop section on your Facebook page, here’s how you can set it up:

1) Go to your Facebook page. Click on the “Add a Section” link on your page and then click on the “+Add Shop Section” tab from the left sidebar [of tabs] on your Facebook page. Or else, if it’s available on your page, click directly on the “+Add Shop Section” tab from your list of tabs [on the left].

2) You will need to agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies before you can continue. Read this section to understand what you can do with your Shop section on Facebook.

3) You will need to choose your unit of remuneration (i.e., US dollar, INR, British Pounds, etc.). This will be the unit the prices for your products will be showcased in.

4) Add your products. (This means adding photographic images of your products; not illustrations or stock images, but actual photographs of your products.) You have to add names to your products, as well as to your various product categories too (in case you have multiple kinds of products). It’s also a good idea to add descriptions of your categories and [each of your] products.

(Note: Your products will be viewable to customers on Facebook only after they have been approved.)

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