7 Viral Marketing Strategies

viral marketing

7 Viral Marketing Strategies

With so much of action taking place in the web arena every day, it is quite a challenge to grab the eyeballs. Nevertheless, it becomes easier if you employ viral marketing strategies. They are aimed at getting you visitors in droves and tailor made to make you top the charts. So, here is a low-down on the much-treasured recipes.

1.Rich Content

Valuable content is the backbone of viral marketing. Hence, it should be data driven, rich in information, packed with compelling visuals, infographics and topical in nature.

2.Optimum Sharing on Social Media Through Call To Action

Viral marketing is best done on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. And to get ahead, you should have the social media buttons along with a cool slogan in those places where click rate is highest.

3.Word of Mouth Publicity Through Influencers

The experts in your niche can make your rich content go viral by giving it a reference on their site. So, reach out to them. Make requests through mails or contact them directly.

4.Finding Place in Bloggersn Newsletters

This one is tough but if you can create content that will be useful to their readers without sounding promotional then it becomes easier to get featured.

5.Utilize The Power of Pinterest & Reddit

These two need special mention because they have huge potential. The former is useful when you have charming visuals/images and the latter when you have news related content.

6.Try Stumbleupon’s Paid Discovery

Social media sharing is super easy with Stumbleupon because its users are game for sharing. Also, you can make use of its paid discovery tool that comes quite cheap, $0.10 per page view. Use it for the few days when you are promoting your super rich content.

7.Sustaining the Viral Effect

This one is quite important and you should work on making readers sign up for newsletters, garnering likes and follows as soon as the viral effect spreads its wings. Update your content, if need be, with keywords and focus on getting backlinks from blogs in your fraternity.

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