5 SEO Errors Of E-commerce Websites

ecommerce seo errors

5 SEO Errors Of E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is the future of business. This model of online trading has many benefits over the traditional system but the best thing is that it gives small businesses the power to compete with the big names without having to incur major expenses. However, to capitalize the full potential of the web, you should be aware of these 5 SEO errors that many e-commerce websites commit.

1.Similar Products Titles That Are Not SEO Optimized

Product titles are very significant and to make sure that search engines consider them, they should be unique. Similar titles reduce the credibility of the website. Also, they should be SEO optimized as in they should use the relevant keywords and phrases. Keep them short (less than 70 characters), include characteristics of the product and make them different from each other.

2.Inappropriate & Inadequate Product Description

Mere images without description do not appeal to search engines. Also, similar descriptions cause the search engines to ignore your website totally. So, always write crisp, clear and unique descriptions. This will also cut ice with the shoppers.

3.Slow Loading Website

Speed of an e-commerce site plays a major role in its success. It is also a deciding factor in search engine ranking. So, make sure that your site loads within 4 seconds on all screens- whether desktop, tablet or smart phone. This can be done by optimizing the pages, videos, images and code.

4.Poor Usability

Easily navigable, quick loading, responsive, SEO friendly and well-structured are the attributes of an e-commerce site with good usability. The user experience has to be great in order to earn recognition and revenue.

5.Badly Formatted URL’s

URLs that are not in sync with the products and categories do not appeal to search engines and customers. So, keep them readable and try to build them around your products.

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