5 Modern SEO Practices for Guaranteed Success

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5 Modern SEO Practices for Guaranteed Success

The web world is constantly changing and the only way to stay up-to-date is to adopt the changes. But in order to adopt them, you need to foresee them and understand their implications. SEO, the most important tool of internet marketing, is no exception to changes and in the recent times has undergone some important changes. So, today, we acquaint you with 5 modern SEO practices that guarantee success for your website/blog.

1. Use Responsive Website Design & Customized Content

The growing number of mobile users makes it necessary that your site loads well on small screens but along with this you also need to ensure that it gives good user experience. This is to say that the content, footers, sidebars, buttons, icons, etc. need to be trimmed or made prominent as per the convenience of the user.

2.Get Helpful SEO Tools

SEO tools like Google Search Console, Google AdWord, Google Keyword, Feedly can give an SEO analyst much help in devising an accurate marketing strategy for their website. Other tools are also available and some of them might come at a cost like SEM RUSH but you should include them to get the requisite control and competence.

3.Focus On Local SEO

Local searches related to businesses and services have increased by millions, thanks to smart phones. People look for products/services on the go and therefore, you should be there. By focusing on local SEO, you can get the much-needed edge in the competition.

4.Include Schema

Schema makes your content recognizable to search engines. So, use the schema that are supported by Google and get yourself a good ranking.

5.Make Way For Natural Link Building

Promotion through social sites and guest blogging is the need of the hour. This is natural link building that brings thumbs up from Google and also earns credibility and trust for your website.

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