5 Great On-Page SEO Tips Every Website Must Employ

On Page SEO Tips

5 Great On-Page SEO Tips Every Website Must Employ

Now the tips we’re about to see are not new-age, earth-shattering discoveries in the realm of SEO. Rather, those who have been looking for and reading about SEO Services and the relevant tips might have already come across the following ones in one form or another. However, that in no way changes the fact that these (often) commonly talked-about SEO techniques are precisely the ones that most websites overlook. So, in the spirit of encouraging more websites to use proper SEO techniques, here are top 5 SEO tips that you, as a Search Engine Optimizer (or website owner), simply must use:

1) Use Keywords in the Titles

Whether you’re crafting the title of a particular web page, content section, or blog post, make sure that you include the relevant keyword in it. For instance, if you’re a company offering E-publishing services and the web page you’re working on is about self-publishing, then having the title as “Everything You Need to Know about Self-Publishing in the E-Publishing Era”, or perhaps “E-publishing Your Self-Publishing Project”, or some other such specific title, is the way to go.

2) Use Keywords in the Meta Descriptions

The meta descriptions are often neglected in websites, although it is one of the best areas of focus for SEO. In fact, as far as it is relevant, you should insert both primary and secondary keywords in the metadescriptions.

3) Use Keywords in the URL

The URL is another prime area to place important keywords. And though the usual advice is to make the URL for any web page as short and sweet as possible, this isn’t as important as including a keyword in the first place. Also, try to include the keyword as close to the main website address as possible.

4) Be Mindful of the Keyword Density

Repeating keywords in your content like it’s going out of style is a sure-fire way to ruin your search engine rankings. However, not using enough keywords might result in your page not being found at all. So strike a balance: Only 2% to 5% of your content need to use keywords at all.

5) Don’t Ignore Images

Images are great for your website – not only in terms of visual appeal but also in terms of SEO. The image title, description, and alt text sections of the image are great places to insert relevant keywords and improve your website’s SEO.

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