5 Features That Makes An Image Awesome on Social Media

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5 Features That Makes An Image Awesome on Social Media

So, you probably have great ideas about what you can post this year for your digital strategy already. And you probably also already know that images and videos will serve you best when you want to grab your audience’s attention.

However, while all this is true, it’s also common knowledge now. In other words, everybody’s doing it. And now, you need to stand out if you want your posts to be seen while among “everybody’s” posts.

Now, the most common and quickest way you can revamp your posts is too accompany your text-based posts with images. For, everyone loves a visual angle on social media.

And, to that end, here are five things that your image should be or have in order to attract your audience’s attention (and be awesome!):

1) Pick a new or original image

Look for new and unique images to use in your posts. Or, better yet, create your own. Either way, new and interesting images no one has seen before will always catch people’s eyes on social media.

2) Make the image and post adhere to currently trending topics

Post images and content that are related to topics that people are currently talking about or are interested in. In fact, pick topics that are trending that very day, if possible.

3) Keep it relevant to your niche

Choose an image and topic that is relevant to your niche. After all, your audience expects a certain theme and standard, and you shouldn’t disappoint.

4) Make the image information easy to process

When you post an image, make the content in it evenly spaced, clear, and concise. Complicated images will not do you any favors.

5) Use a call-to-action

What do you want your audience to do when they see your image or post? Put that goal into a call-to-action message on your image to entice your audience.

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