5 Bad SEO Practices That Will Sabotage Your Google Rankings


5 Bad SEO Practices That Will Sabotage Your Google Rankings

It is unbelievable as till date, many websites out there still use outdated (not to mention unethical) SEO practices that are sure to harm your Google rankings. And, as everyone will agree, no one wants this to happen to their website. Right? Let’s move on to the top five bad SEO practices you should scrupulously avoid:

1) Plagiarized or Replicated Content

If you’re going to go to the trouble of creating your own website, then don’t take the easy and unethical way out by publishing duplicate content on it. Because, chances are that Google has already indexed that same content from the original website and won’t bother indexing yours since it has the same content. So do use unique content in your website.

2) Overusing Keywords in your Content

Keywords are a vital part of optimizing your website for search engines. But that in no way means that you should stuff enough keywords in your website that you have no useful content whatsoever. In fact, Google’s recent algorithm update works specifically to disregard such useless content.

3) Cheap Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to get backlinks to your web pages and websites. But if you try to take the cheap and easy way out by guest posting on websites that are of poor quality and have no useful or relevant content, that’s going to do you much more harm than good!

4)Using Guest Posts of Poor Quality

If you are going to use guest posts in your website, don’t use guest posts that are poorly written and of poor quality. You’ll actually be investing the good that can come out of accepting good quality guest posts.

5)Using Different Versions of a Webpage

In the past, people used to make it so that websites had two versions: One version for search engine crawlers, and another for users. What happens here is that search engines used to rank such pages for certain content, but when the user visited the links, they would be taken to a completely different and irrelevant version of the website or webpage than what they were looking for. Well, websites won’t get away with such an underhanded practice now, for certain!

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