4 Tips To Revamp Your Old Blog Posts

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4 Tips To Revamp Your Old Blog Posts

So you’ve been running a blog for a while now and you’ve got a good amount of them. And while that’s great, if they’re not generating the traffic you want, then you’ll need to revamp them. Even more importantly, if you plan to re-share old blog posts and use them to generate traffic for your blog, then you’ll need to optimize them and renew their content value.

Here are four quick ways you can improve them:

1) Revamp Your Blog Post Titles

If your blog post title is boring or uninspired, then nobody is going to click on your link when you share it. So go through your posts and change your titles to make them more interesting and click-able.

2) Add Images to All Your Blog Posts

All of your blog posts need a visual image to accompany it. For, that’s actually what the user sees first on social media. (The user reads the blog post title only after seeing the image.) Hence, check to ensure that none of your old blog posts are without relevant images.

3) Check Your Posts for Grammatical Errors, Typos, and Broken Links

As you maintain your blog, there is no doubt that your knowledge and familiarity with creating blog posts will change and increase over time. Hence, it’s likely that you’ll spot errors in your posts now that you didn’t before.
In short, check you blog posts for grammatical errors, typos, and broken links, fix anything that needs fixing, and only then should you share them on social media.

4) Add Alt Text to All Your Blog Post Images

You have images all over your blog now. And you need to make those images optimized for searches. Alt Text is what you need for this to happen: Write descriptions and/or hashtags using relevant keywords in the Alt Text area of each image on your blog, and your blog will fare better on relevant search results.

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