4 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

linkedin company page

4 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

When it comes to business, it is practically a requirement that you have a Linkedin account. So, the fact that you’ve set up a Linkedin Company Page for your business was a definite step in the right direction! However, in order to get enough engagement for your Linkedin Company Page, you also need to keep it updated and relevant, with all the required sections duly and interestingly filled out, while still maintaining a level of professionalism that will reflect well on your brand.

So, the next time you’re going to revamp your page, here’s 4 improvements to keep in mind:

1) Include Your Website URL In Your Banner

Yes, your Linkedin company page already has a section where you can mention your URL. However, you need to keep this section flexible as you can change it. (We’ll get to why in a minute.)

So, to make sure that your followers or page visitors can always find your main website, include it in your page’s banner image.

2) Change Your “Website” Section When You Have New Links

As mentioned in the previous point, you can change the URL you entered under the “Website” section of your Linkedin Company Page. But we’re not talking about adding a new website URL. Rather, add a link to any new event, publication, or content that your company has recently generated and that you want to promote. For instance, if you have an even coming up, change the URL to that link. Or else, if you have a newly published e-book, enter the URL to where visitors and followers can either download, preview, or buy the e-book. (And so on.)

3) Post Updates On The Page Regularly

Understand that, even if it’s for professionals, Linkedin is still a social media site. And hence, you need to engage and interact with your followers and potential audiences online if you want to stay relevant. As such, you’ll need to post updates on your page regularly (ideally every week to every day) and then respond and engage with whoever interacts with those updates.

4) Use The “Specialities Section To Improve Your Page’s Visibility

In the specialities section, list keyword-like specialities that your company is relevant to as well – in addition to your company’s regular skills and expertise. Simply consider this section like a batch of keywords that’ll improve your page’s visibility.

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