3 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Ads

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3 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Ads

The thing about Twitter Ads is that, well, everybody is using them. So how do you make you Twitter advertisements stand out from the throng? Or even reach your niche audience adequately? Well, the truth is, that depends on how well you design your ad and how good your product is. But, on a more cheerful note, there are things you can do with Twitter Ads that will improve your advertisements’ performance on Twitter in general. And all it takes is a good amount of research and market-savvy. Here are three golden tips to help you on your way:

1) Tweak Your Bidding Options

By default, your bid type on Twitter Ads is “Automatic bid”. So first, you’re going to have to tweak this to your requirements.
Go to the advanced options in the Budget section of the Twitter Ads and, under “Choose pricing”, you can choose either the “Maximum bid” option or the “Target cost” option for your ad. Both these options will greatly improve the performance of your Twitter ad. (Just ensure that you remember that the price you define is for each engagement action – like clicks, leads, etc. – that you get for your ad.)

2) Use Twitter Analytics to Refine Your Target Audience

Twitter Analytics will easily give you all the information you need on your target audience – even helping you better define your target audience. So, take your time browsing through the different tabs and sub-sections of Twitter Analytics and design your ad (and even your price range) based on the data given to you. This will in turn ensure that your ad reaches the maximum amount of customers in your audience niche.

3) Target Your Ads to Influencers and Their Followers

First, find Influencers on Twitter who have a large following and are in the target niche of your required customers and audience. Then, after you set the initial criteria for your Twitter Ad, use the “Add Followers” button under the additional targeting section, and then enter the Twitter handles of your niche’s Influencers. This will target the ad to the Influencers’ followers as well, and will thereby get the ad in front of even more of your target niche.

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