3 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following & Traffic


3 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following & Traffic

Pinterest has often been touted as the best social media site for ecommerce. But that’s rather selling it short: For it’s great for other kinds of web portals too – as long as you have an image to link it with. And, in today’s time, with visually sensitive users being the prime target population online, it will be strange if you actually don’t have at least one image for each post you make.

Anyway, moving on: Are you looking to improve your Pinterest following and traffic? Well, look no more! Here are some very simple ways in which you can instantly cause an increase in your number or Pinterest followers and drive more web traffic to your pins:

1) Use relevant keywords in your profile

Everything from your user name to profile description is a prime area for you to enter keywords that are relevant to your pins. Don’t be happy with a simple user name and a one-line profile description. Instead, revamp it so that it includes common search terms for your theme of pins. This will instantly bring you within the radar of many more Pinterest users when they search for pins regarding those keywords you’ve included in your profile. (And don’t forget to include your website address!)

2) Use relevant keywords in your board descriptions

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 boards or 20. To get more engagement – and to be found more often – you need to update the descriptions of your boards. And again, you need to include keywords and main terms that people search when they look for such pins.

3) Be descriptive in your pin descriptions

Many just re-pin what they like to their boards. A word to the wise though: Don’t! Instead, describe the pin in a way that is relevant and gives a hint or more of your own voice. And last, but certainly not least, make sure that each of your pins has your blog or website in its description, or that it at least has your Twitter handle in the description.

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