3 Tips To Creating Posts Your Audience Will Love


3 Tips To Creating Posts Your Audience Will Love

‘Content is King’ has been a common mantra when it comes to digital marketing recently. And for the most part, it’s absolutely right: Quality content will do much more for your brand, business, and sales than most SEO tricks ever will. And the best part is, no change in the Google search engine algorithm will ever negate the fact that Internet users want sound, interesting, and relevant content for all their search queries.

However, while it’s great to create regular content, you also have plenty of competition when it comes to content marketing on the Web. Hence, you need to create posts that your audience will enjoy if you truly want to reap the benefits of content marketing.

Towards that end, here are three important tips on how you can create content that your audience will genuinely engage with:

1) Focus on the user, not the search engine

After all, the search engine merely lists links to your content. But how well a user will engage with and love your content will depend entirely on how well you design your post to accommodate your audience’s needs. And if your content isn’t interesting to your audience, they’ll simply exit your site quickly (which will reduce your page ranking anyway).

2) Create quality content

Content ridden with factual and grammatical errors will turn readers off your content faster than you can click “publish” for a post. So, pay attention to the way you craft your content. Make it clear and easy to read as well so that your content is easy to understand and consume.

3) Use relevant and similar keywords

Google’s recent algorithm updates no longer require your keywords to be identical to a search query (though, it’s not a disadvantage either). Rather, if you have keywords that are merely similar in meaning to the search query in the search engine, then your content has a good chance of being found. For example, if the search query is “how do build a model ship”, then you won’t necessarily get results containing the very same keywords, but rather links that show or explain what building a model ship entails. (Plus, using similar keywords and synonyms means you don’t run the risk of stuffing your content with the same keywords either.)

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