3 Tips That Will Make Creating Image Posts Easier For You

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3 Tips That Will Make Creating Image Posts Easier For You

Images are lovely and versatile things to post. For, they can be posted as stand-alone images, or even be posted as the “face” of a text post. A lot of the time, many image posts even get away with just having a few lines of text on them. For that is the power of a picture (even if it’s a picture with just words)!

But, while the value of images on social media is easy to understand, picking images or creating them for your brand isn’t always so simple – especially if you’re new at it.

So, to make it easier, here are three simple tips to follow when you’re looking to create images to post:

1) Use a template

This can be a complete lifesaver and is a must-do tip. For, in truth, a lot of the posts and images you post on social media often follows a theme or style. So, instead of creating a new image each and every time, you can use a template instead. That way, nitty gritty and tedious details, like positioning, font type or size, or the number of elements to include, can all just be replaced and customized for each image post.
And, if you do have different categories or kinds of posts, then make an image template for each of them.

2) Keep it simple

Too many elements in an image will make it look complex, distract the audience, and be altogether unappealing. So, stick to using no more than three to five elements per image (or less!). And don’t use more than two types of fonts (pairs of fonts that go well together, that is) per image.

Use common events to prepare images in advance:
Your posts should be current, yes. But then, you can use the knowledge of common and upcoming holidays, events, and celebrations to create or pick images in advance for your posts.

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