3 Tips On Monitoring Your Social Media Business Etiquette


Social Media etiquette

3 Tips On Monitoring Your Social Media Business Etiquette

From a platform of fun and leisure, social media has transformed in the last two decades to become an even platform for businesses as well. However, while corporate etiquette is something that most are familiar with, it’s social media etiquette that many brands make a misstep in – and that can greatly damage a brand’s online reputation or, at the least, make them lose a good marketing or business opportunity.

To avoid such scenarios, here is a list of three tips regarding the most common yet avoidable social media faux pas that brands should monitor and protect against:

1) Using Inappropriate Humor

Humor is a wonderful tool, and, when used appropriately, can be the best content weapon in your marketing and business arsenal. However, “appropriate” humor is the key factor here. And to know what’s appropriate, you’ll first need to understand your audience. This understanding ensures that you don’t offend your audience’s sensibilities, or that you don’t use humor that goes above their heads and falls flat. And, as what can offend your audience members is sometimes unpredictable, getting a few other people to check out your content before you post it is a good practice.

2) Failing to Respond to Reviews

When a user posts a positive or negative review on your brand’s social media page, it is imperative that you respond to it. Also, don’t simply respond only to the negative reviews. You should also (politely and professionally) acknowledge and thank positive reviews as well. Social media is a platform for engagement, after all. And your followers expect you to engage with them.

3) Overlooking Wrong Facts and Typos

Always, always proofread your content before posting it. Use a grammar and spell-checking tool, and then re-check the content for anything the tool might have missed. For, there is nothing that can halt a good social media conversation (or alter the direction you want a social media conversation to go) than an obvious spelling or grammatical error in your content. Also, double check what you put up as facts in your content.

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