3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

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3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

As a business, Twitter may seem like a limited resource to find new clients and prospects when compared to other social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Especially since there is limited characters count to work with. But, when used right, Twitter can prove the “less is more” rule quite exceptionally.

In fact, here are three great ways to put your feelers out for customers and clients on Twitter:

1) Search Through Twitter’s Advanced Search Option

Believe it or not, a lot of people do post requirements on Twitter. The only thing you have to do is find them. For instance, an author might be bemoaning the fact that he/she can’t find anyone to illustrate her book cover in a tweet. It’s not a formal request for a designer, no. But it can work just as well. All you have to do is use Twitter Advanced Search to search for certain keywords, phrases, words, and even sentences in various orders and hashtags, and you’ll likely find a number of such tweets that are potential job opportunities. And once you find them, you simply have to tweet a reply to become part of that conversation. (You can even set up an email alert for such searches using IFTTT.)

2) Advertise your Services/Website by Offering Freebies and/or Giveaways Through Twitter Ads

Plan on having giveaways and freebies on your website that people will like having in return for them signing up on your website/blog via email. Then, use a Twitter Ad Campaign to promote this giveaway/freebie and direct people to your landing page. This way, you’ll have a great list of contacts who could soon become your customers.

3) Use Periscope to Chat Via Live Videos With Prospective Clients

Twitter’s mobile app now has Periscope for live-streaming videos on Twitter. You can use this feature to chat live with your customers and followers and likely encourage them to hire you for your services.

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