3 Tips For Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

3 Tips For Mobile SEO 

Mobile devices – i.e., smartphones, tablets, etc. – are nowadays the most common devices through which audiences visit websites. In fact, it’s more common to see a person glued to their smartphone than their laptop at various points during the day. Even the laptop might be shut down at some point too; but a person uses their mobile phone practically without rest – unless the user is replenishing his or her battery, or the mobile device needs to recharge theirs.

Yet, in spite of this, most websites lose their highest amount of traffic because they don’t configure their websites right for mobile platforms. Hence, though you might have optimized your website for searches in the best ways you know how, you could be inadvertently losing a lot of web traffic due to setting up a poorly designed mobile platform for your website.

To avoid this pitfall, here are some tips of how to effectively optimize your site for mobile devices:

1) Design your website for the mobile platform

 You will have options and configurations that specifically design how your website can look on a mobile device. Use them. Also, make sure the screen size is right for different devices. Don’t just go for a universal size and resolution if you want your site to appear effectively on-screen on these mobile devices.

2) Consider optimizing page speed for the mobile platform

Mobile devices’ speeds can be temperamental depending on where the user is, what his or her Internet speed is, the tower level, and the device. Hence, minimize code where you can as well as redirects, and also make use of browser caching where necessary. Optimize images for quick downloads and appearances too.

3) Use Metadata

 Considering that mobile devices have much smaller screens, it is more effective to have small and interesting summaries or metadata rather than the full text. Optimize this metadata with the relevant links and titles to improve user-experience via mobile browsing.

Take these practices to heart, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how much better your web traffic is.

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