3 Tips For Making Great Videos For Twitter


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3 Tips For Making Great Videos For Twitter

When Twitter only allowed its videos to be 30 seconds long, it was pretty difficult to use the medium effectively. However, now that Twitter has extended the time limit of its videos to 140 seconds, marketers, advertisers, and small businesses have a lot more leeway. However, that time limit is still pretty concise. So in order to really utilize this kind of content on Twitter, your videos need to be engaging, interesting, and memorable on Twitter.

So, working towards that end, here are three cool tips to make great videos you can tweet on Twitter:

1) Grab Your Viewers In The First Three Seconds

If you take the entire 140 seconds of video time to make your point, your viewers are going to be scrolling passed well before you’re done. Hence, you need to plan your video so that you deliver the “hook” or “interest point” right in the first three seconds.
Get your viewer to pause at your video past those first three seconds, though, and you’ll likely get them to watch it all the way through. And luckily, since your video can only be 140 seconds long at the most, the viewer(s) would have reached the end of your video long before their attention wavers.

2) Make Your Video Interesting Even Without Audio

Your Twitter videos will start playing automatically to viewers without the sound the moment they come across it. And most viewers often don’t turn on the audio all the way to the end. Hence, it’s necessary that your video gets its message across even without the aid of sound. Or else, it should be interesting enough that the viewer wants to go back and watch it with the sound.

3) Don’t Limit Your Videos to Footage

Videos can be effective even if they simply use still images with background music (like in product catalog videos, for example), or animations. Even using an animated GIF instead of a video can get your point across perfectly. It all depends on what you’re trying to convey and the visual appeal you generate with your video/animated GIF

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