3-Step How To Guide On Creating Stories With Snapchat Memories

Snapchat Memories

3-Step How To Guide On Creating Stories With Snapchat Memories

The Snapchat Memories feature has undoubtedly changed the way Snapchat is used to create stories now, especially for marketing purposes. But, whether you’re looking to make a marketing story, an interesting Snapchat story for your friends and followers, or a private “memory” snap or story for your eyes alone, here are the steps you need to take to create stories with Snapchat Memories:

Step 1: Adjust your account settings

First of all, check and adjust your Snapchat account settings so that all new and future snaps and videos are saved to “Memories” or to both your “Memories” and your “Camera Roll” on Snapchat. (You can always change this setting later.)

Step 2: Create your Snapchat story using photos, videos, graphics, stickers & text

You can either import snaps from your Camera roll into your Memories, and then select what you need into your story, or limit your story to what is already available in your Memories.
Go into selection mode and select the options you want to use for your story. (You can switch between the different tabs available and select what you prefer.) Plan your story and import the snaps into your story in order, because Snapchat will only allow you to delete options, not manually reorder them. You can also just use a single snap and edit that to create your story, or use a series of images and videos. (You can also edit it, share it, name it, and add stickers and text to your story when you edit your Snapchat Memory Story.)

Step 3: Send your story

Once your Snapchat Memory Story has been created and processed, you can save it and send it to your followers and friends by clicking on the “Send Story” button. This story will now also be saved under the “Stories” tab in your Memories storage on Snapchat. (You can also keep it ultra private by choosing the option “Move to My Eyes Only”, which requires a passcode to open.)

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