3 Simple Guidelines For Creating Valuable Video Content

Video Content

3 Simple Guidelines For Creating Valuable Video Content

Videos are all the rage now. And it’s well-known that Google quite frankly loves videos. Plus, the best part about marketing with videos today is that you don’t need a feature length film – or even a ten-minute video. Two minutes of video time will do just as well, as long as you clearly get your point across in that time. In fact, oftentimes with video content, the motto to consider is “the shorter the better.”
But that’s enough about videos in general. We’re here to talk about what you need to keep in mind to create good videos: that is, video content that is actually valuable to your audience and/or clients. And for that, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1) Answer the questions that are important to your audience/clients

People generally flock to videos mainly for two broad purposes: For information, or for entertainment (or both). So, when you make a video, make sure there is a purpose to it: Answer questions your viewers might have. Give them information on something you know they want. Don’t just talk about yourself or your business. Answer the questions that are important to your viewers.

2) Create a concept calendar for your videos

However lofty your goals are, don’t expect creativity and inspiration on tap. You’ll need to plan the concepts. And it’s a good idea to have a list of questions that you’ll work on for each video (for multiple posts). Inspiration won’t strike you as you please, so a calendar-based plan is necessary – even if you’re only posting videos once in a fortnight.

3) Make entire batches of videos

Even if a video is only two minutes long, you’ll likely take around half-an-hour to create it and upload it. And you’re not going to have the time every day. So, set aside a day or two in a week to produce multiple such videos (say 10 to 20 two-minute videos?) and then schedule them for posting/uploading based on your planned calendar.
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