3 SEO Trends To Keep In Mind For 2015

SEO Trends 2015

3 SEO Trends To Keep In Mind For 2015

 SEO or Search Engine Optimization means, in simple terms, optimizing a website for maximum related traffic. Now, earlier, the easiest and most common way to do that was to pick up a couple of popular keywords and sprinkle them generously throughout the content. This was not a really bad idea when the content was relevant and the web page had the kind of information that the user wanted. But then, keywords were manipulated so that a lot of keywords showed up in content that had no useful information, or in content that wasn’t relevant at all.

To counter this manipulation, Google changed their search algorithm to counteract this manipulative and blatant misuse of SEO. So here’s a shout out to all SEO professionals out there who are still under the impression that you have to join these rat-race practices in order to have a fighting chance: The rules have now changed, and it’s all for the better. So here are a couple of facts to keep in mind about the current state of SEO:

1) Google has changed its search algorithm

The first thing you should be aware of is that Google’s search algorithm has undergone a definite change. Its new Penguin and Panda algorithm updates make sure that content is searched for relevance to the user’s query more than how definite a match the user’s keyword is to the content.

2) Content density is more important than keyword-count

Of course, even now, keywords are still definitely important. But the main point here is that if the website just contains a lot of repetitions of keyword(s) without proper content, Google is going to be very annoyed and dump the website rather hard.

 3) Page 1 ranking in results is not as hot as it once was

At one point of time, getting a website to appear on the very first page of search results (when a relevant search is made) was the goal. But now, with featured results dominating the page, concentrating on steady and reliable content is a far more worthy goal.

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