3 SEO Tips To Help You Prepare For 2017

3 SEO Tips

3 SEO Tips To Help You Prepare For 2017

With 2017 just around the bend, predictions of what SEO techniques will work best in the coming year are par for the course. And while no one will know for sure what works best till the year actually commences for a good couple of months, in general, there are a few common trends that most SEO experts and analysts seem to agree on.

So without further ado, here are three SEO tips that can only help your online presence – both for the remainder of this year and for 2017:

1) Re-share Content

Before, the most repeated advice was that you must share your content on social media to be seen and to get traffic. However, since everyone is doing that now, it means that even sharing your content on social media is not a sure-fire way to make sure your audience actually sees your content. After all, everyone’s feeds are pretty full now. On the bright side, though, the fix for this is fairly simple: Re-share and redistribute your content multiple times on social media. This way, you not only improve your chances of being seen, but you have regular updates to post without necessarily creating new content each time.

2) Jump into Video Content

Videos are more popular than ever and that trend is on a steep rise. So it’ll be wise to inculcate your content strategy with a lot of video content (like live video, edited videos, episodes, animations, etc.) in 2017.

3) Engage Your Viewers on Social Media

All right, social media is a great avenue to advertise your business and products and increase sales. However, it’s a good idea not to only focus on sales and focus more of your strategy in engaging your customers and audience. For, engaging your audience positively is far more likely to win their loyalty and thereby get you long-term customers for your business – which is a better advantage in the long run.

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