3 SEO Tips To Boost YouTube Ranking

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3 SEO Tips To Boost YouTube Ranking

It’s not just content and images that can benefit from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but also videos. And, considering how visually-oriented today’s audiences are, optimizing your YouTube videos for search engines is more important now than it ever was before.
Now, considering the YouTube is the big Kahuna of all things video-related on the Internet, it makes sense that what you should be concentrating on is boosting your video(s)’ ranking on YouTube. So, now that we’ve established why boosting your YouTube rankings is important, let’s check out the ways in which to do so:

1) Use Keywords in the Video Tags

Use video keywords in your video tags. These will help Google find them and list them on their search engine. Be extensive, and choose keywords that suit your video; don’t just write whatever is popular at the moment. This will help your video rank in both Google and YouTube listings.

2) Use Long Video Descriptions

Writing online might follow the principle of being concise. But it’s better if you forego that rule when it comes to video descriptions. Your description does not have to go on for pages. But make it descriptive and long enough to fit in as much information about the video as you can. Try to work pertinent keywords into your video description as well. This will help YouTube rank and pull your video for those related searches faster and better.

3) Cross-Post Your Video(s) on Social Media and on Your Website

Don’t just upload your videos on YouTube and think your done with it. You’ll need to share those videos on your social media accounts (such as Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) as well as on your website. The more possible places it’s posted, the better the chances are that it will be watched, and, consequently, the better it will be ranked.

Follow these tips, and your YouTube videos will have much better visibility.

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