3 Reasons Why Good User Experience Is Now An Essential Aspect For Effective SEO


3 Reasons  Why Good User Experience Is Now An Essential Aspect For Effective SEO

The truth is, for practically any kind of information now, users turn to the World Wide Web. And then they’re spoilt for choice. Hence, in this information-driven age, what websites and brands need to focus on in order to generate better web traffic and loyal customers, is quality, relevance, and, of course, user experience.

User Experience, or UX, is now a key factor in determining whether a website’s marketing and SEO methods are effective or not. And here’s why:

1) Search Engines Now Rank Websites Based On User Experience Metrics

Search engines focus on the user’s views and positive experiences on websites more than anything else now. Hence, users’ usage data on a website – that is, amount of time spent on the web page or website, entry rate, exit rate, etc. – are what search engines are predominantly focusing on in order to rank web pages. And poor user experience – whether the content is valid or not – is one of the top reasons a user will abandon perusing a website.

2) Better User Experience Leads To Better Conversion Rates

Consider, for example, that you are an ecommerce site. You might have great products and discounts; but if your website is poorly organized, and the users who visit your site find it tiresome to navigate through your online store, it’s more than likely they’ll leave the store to shop somewhere else. Hence, it won’t matter how strongly you’ve marketed your brand and website. Poor UX can defeat all the benefits in no time flat. However, good UX can keep your customers coming back, thereby resulting in better conversion rates.

3) Good UX Gains A Brand Repeat Customers & Loyal Customers

Make no mistake: Your website’s appearance, design, proper maintenance, quality content, and ease of navigation and user experience is what will decide a customer’s impression about your brand. Hence, provide quality and relevant content for your visitors to peruse, and a good user experience for them on your website, and you’re much more likely to gain repeat visitors and loyal customers.

So, if your website’s UX needs a makeover, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you revamped it immediately. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai @+91-8451924760 or yogesh@seofreelancermumbai.in Now!

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