3 Points To Consider Before Shooting A Video On Your Smartphone

Shooting Video On Smartphone

3 Points To Consider Before Shooting A Video On Your Smartphone

So, you’ve decided to shoot a video on your smartphone for your social media marketing purposes. Great idea! However, if this is the first time you are doing so (or even if you’ve done it before), keep the following guidelines in mind if you don’t want your (video shooting) efforts to go to waste:

1) Decide The Channel You’re Going To Upload Your Video On

The platform you plan to upload your video on is important in order to know how to craft your video and how long it will be. Because (for instance) while Instagram will only allow you to post 3-second to 15-second videos, Vine lets you post videos upto 6 seconds in length, and YouTube allows you to post videos of any length. Similarly, how the video will look and what its dimensions are, based on the channel you choose, will affect the kind of video you need to shoot.

2) Pre-Test Your Settings Before Shooting The Entire Video

Before you shoot your video, shoot the first 10 to 15 seconds of your video and then transfer it to your computer to see how it looks. This way, you can check if the light, dimensions, environment (and even the background sound, if applicable), is appropriate for your video. You can also opt to either use video-related apps when you’re shooting with your smartphone, or simply use your smartphone camera on its own to shoot your video.

3) Check Your Video Post-Shoot, Edit It As Necessary & Keep Backups Of Your Video

Like you pre-tested your video to check if everything was in order, check the video after you finish shooting as well. Editing your video to polish it is recommended. And always keep backup copies of both your original video as well as your edited version(s) – just in case you need either later.

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